Get prepared for part tricks and treats because it"s Halloween Night top top Dancing through the Stars. The seven continuing to be couples will certainly all do spooky-themed routines, through the greatest score receiving immunity. The various other six will certainly then complete in a trio of Dance-Offs for bonus points before one couple is eliminated.

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Which couple will it is in eliminated and also which Halloween routine will win immunity? Let"s discover out.LIVE...from Hollywood...this is Dancing with the Stars!

Terra Jole and Sasha Farber: Cha-Cha-Cha

Their regimen is inspired by Beetlejuice. The format is difficult for her due to the fact that it requires straight legs. It"s a cool ide using the "Day-O" scene, yet they it seems to be ~ to be doing two various things for component of it. If Len Goodman were here, he"d complain around the sluggish start that didn"t have actually much dancing. Julianne Hough loved the tone yet needs much more content. The judges every agree that it to be good, however not great.Judges" Scores: 8+8+8=24It"s for sure to i think they won"t be acquiring immunity.

Laurie Hernandez and also Val Chmerkovskiy: Viennese Waltz

Their dance is influenced by Willy Wonka, therefore apparently, this is actually Tim Burton Night. She cleared her schedule this week to focus purely top top dancing. She"s playing Charlie come Val"s Wonka in a liquid dream. Val gets really emotional in rehearsals. The dance is exceptionally beautiful and magical, recording the "Pure Imagination" the Willy Wonka. This is a gigantic leap forward because that them that they really needed. It feels a tiny light ~ above the Viennese Waltz content, yet I mean that"s what happens as soon as Len is gone. The judges are lugged to tears by just how special and also emotional it was.Judges" Scores: 10+10+10=30Well, that kind of ruins the stress of who will gain immunity. If there"s a tie, immunity goes come the couple with the highest full score for the season, therefore James is the only human being who might steal immunity from Laurie if he"s likewise perfect.

Marilu Henner and Derek Hough: Argentine Tango

They"re going for a spider theme. She"s certainly lacking in confidence, especially due to the fact that she fell during last week"s team routine. There room ropes come simulate spider network and, together always, Derek"s choreography is top-notch. However, it"s really reliant ~ above lifts and there"s a large flaw in ~ the finish when they go for a lift and also she bump her elbow ~ above his head. Carrie Ann Inaba mentions a most other stumbles and problems throughout whereby she was obtaining in she head. Yeah, it was a good idea but poorly executed.Judges" Scores: 7+8+8=23Those 8s room generous. Derek hasn"t finished worse than 4th place because season 8, but this can break that streak.

Calvin Johnson and Lindsay Arnold: Quickstep

They room playing skeletons. These two are really fun together and also his 2-year-old son mirrors up in rehearsals. OK, ns officially want him in the peak 3 through James and Laurie. Beyond the reality that he"s extremely entertaining to watch, this program is jam-packed with content and he"s turned right into quite a an excellent dancer. His sister can eat crow. The judges really evaluate the marital relationship of content and concept.Judges" Scores: 10+10+10=30Wow, an additional perfect score! great for them.

Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke: Tango

Their program is inspired by Maleficent because this season doesn"t have a Disney Night. Cheryl decides to really press Ryan tough in rehearsals this week, speak he requirements to action it up two notches. It"s a really cool, rocking Tango v a difficult edge that i love. Ryan might be a little more intense and also he does have tendency to hunch over and misses the form. At the very least the performance was good, even if it to be "squatty."Judges" Scores: 7+8+8=23Wow, there"s gonna it is in a huge divide in between the top and the bottom.

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko: Jazz

They have tiny Shop that Horrors, which i adore. Gleb is strictly ballroom and he"s never choreographed Jazz before. Holy crap, this routine has actually SO much CONTENT. It"s sewage dancing and it"s outstanding, with lots of impressive splits. It"s a yes, really entertaining and Broadway-esque dance. Carrie Ann chosen that they added a little Jazz, but Julianne didn"t due to the fact that it"s no her best style.Judges" Scores: 9+9+9=27Solid scores.

James Hinchcliffe and also Jenna Johnson: Viennese Waltz

They space straight out of suicide Squad, v him together the Joker and her as Harley Quinn. However, a knee injury has sidelined Sharna this week, for this reason James should adapt to a new partner. In fact, she might be the end for the rest of the season as result of the injury she had during rehearsal last week in the team dance. Therefore at least James rehearsed through Jenna all week and also Sharna will certainly be there through him. James is wonderfully creepy and, as always, a excellent dancer. It"s another fantastic routine, even without Sharna. The means he moves is so effortless and the judges uncover it even more astonishing exactly how well that does, also with a new partner. Carrie Ann says James reminds she of note Ballas.Judges" Scores: 10+10+10=30A 3rd perfect score because that the night!

James and also Jenna success IMMUNITY!

Sorry Laurie and Calvin, but James has a higher total score for the season. And James gets 5 extra points while everyone else goes for 3 an ext points.

The Dance-Offs

The couples will pair turn off in Jive, Salsa, or Cha-Cha-Cha. Everyone is going for fairness, competing against the person they"re most similar to, and there"s a huge sign top top the wall that shows the real-time voting outcomes from America as a large graph. If there"s a tie, America"s poll is the tie-breaker.

Laurie and also Val vs. Calvin and also Lindsay: Jive

They"re both an extremely good. It"s a many high energy, v Laurie as the technical master and Calvin v his beaming smile. The judges all respect that no one went for an easy win.Carrie Ann votes for...Laurie and also Val!Julianne votes for...Laurie and Val!Bruno votes for...Laurie and also Val!America votes for...Laurie and Val! (with 63%)Laurie and Val win!

Jana and also Gleb vs. Terra and also Sasha: Salsa

Jana and also Gleb walk for sexy with clean moves, awesome lifts and also Gleb take away his shirt off at the end. Terra and Sasha are an ext fun, yet he just jumps and also spins her about a lot. As soon as the judges comment, Sasha take away his shirt turn off two. I"m really distracted right now by shirtless Gleb and Sasha.Carrie Ann votes for...Terra and also Sasha!Julianne votes for...Jana and also Gleb!Bruno votes for...Jana and Gleb!America votes for...Jana and Gleb! (with 54%)Jana and also Gleb win!

Marilu and also Derek vs. Ryan and Cheryl: Cha-Cha-Cha

These are absolutely the two worst dancers left in the competition, so it"s no that great. I might give the edge to Ryan as he seems a little much better than Marilu. The judges couldn"t take their eyes turn off of one couple.Carrie Ann votes for...Ryan and also Cheryl!Julianne votes for...Ryan and Cheryl!Bruno votes for...Marilu and Derek!America votes for...Ryan and Cheryl! (with 58%)Ryan and Cheryl win!


Now it"s time come send one pair home. James already has immunity for tonight.The first couple SAFE is...Marilu and also Derek!The second couple SAFE is...Laurie and also Val!The third pair SAFE is...Calvin and Lindsay!The fourth couple SAFE is...Jana and also Gleb!So it"s down to Ryan or Terra.

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Ryan Lochte and also Cheryl Burke space ELIMINATED!

Whew, ns was right again. And also that kind of sucks for Marilu, shedding those 3 extra points come someone that can"t even use them. The did much far better than i expected and he prospered in rehabilitating his image to one extent, therefore mission accomplished.


35: James Hinchcliffe33: Laurie Hernandez30: Calvin Johnson, Jana Kramer24: Terra Jole23: Marilu HennerDancing v the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c top top ABC.(Image courtesy that ABC)