We're pitting the ABC reality hit's married couples, siblings and also best friends against each other in the ultimate ballroom ranking.

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Twenty-nine seasons. Forty-even pros. 2 Houghs. One million sequins.

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Over the years, numerous of Dancing through the Stars' professional dancers have end up being household names, with few of them even more famous 보다 the celebs they space partnered with. 

Each pro has their own distinctive style, personality quirk and loyal fanbase. Plus, you have the right to tell they all truly gain along, creating a seriously coordinated (and toned) TV household viewers love to hang out with each season.

Still, in ~ the finish of the day, DWTS is a competition and also there's nothing a cast member loves more than come hoist a delightfully tacky mirrorball trophy over their head come the finale night. 

In respect of the begin of season 29, which debuted last Monday through stars prefer Carole Baskin, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nelly competing, we determined to rank every 47 of the show's skilled dancers end the years, including the married pairs and the siblings. Hey, it's not straightforward job but someone had actually to perform it. 

Keeping Score of Dancing through the Stars Season 29

So which agree landed every 10s from us? and which Chmerkovskiy bro secured a greater spot? obtain ready to have much more opinions than head judge Len Goodman after a freestyle routine...

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47. Brian Fortuna

You can't convince us he was actually ever before on the show.

Craig Sjodin
46. Inna Brayer

Who? Exactly.

45. Jesse DeSoto

Not come sound choose a broken record, yet who?!

44. Fabian Sanchez

OK, not to sound prefer an owl, but: who? 

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images
43. Anna Demidova

We repeat: Who? (Don't worry, us will stop saying "Who?" very soon.)

Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images
42. Andrea Hale

It's sad when your celeb partner, ESPN personality Kenny Mayne, has showed up in much more seasons than you have, no? 

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images
41. Damian Whitewood

One and done after being partnered with Pamela Anderson. No a memorable suffer for the or us.

ABC/Laretta Houston)
40. Daniella Karagach

Married to dance partner and also fellow pro Pasha Pashkov, Daniella is making she DWTS debut in season 29 through Nelly, therefore she has a lot come prove before we ride v her 3-wheeling in the fo' v the yellow Ds. 

39. Pasha Pashkov

The Russian pro, that was previously on NBC's World the Dance, is ago for his second season and he's been thrown right into the lion's tiger's den: He's paired v Tiger King star Carole Baskin. Evaluate from the very first week of competition, we're not certain Pasha will be king of the jungle ballroom this season. 

38. Elena Grinenko

Only showed up on two seasons, however fun fact: She used to contend with Tony Dovolani and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. OK, no that fun, but it is a fact. 

ABC/Adam Taylor
37. Tyne Stecklein

She just participated in one season, dancing v Bill Nye the science Guy. Assumption: v this was an experiment that failed?

36. Nick Kosovich

Competed twice, yet was nominated because that an Emmy for his choreography. Respect.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
35. Jonathan Roberts

He go 0-for-7, and was vote off an initial two seasons in a row. Ouch. (But hey, he's v Anna, so an excellent for him!)

34. Ashly DelGrosso

A dancer for 4 seasons (the first three and then season 10), the many memorable thing around her was that she married among the show's field producers. We'd watch the rom-com ~ above Lifetime.

33. Dmitry Chaplin

After appearing on So you Think You deserve to Dance, Dmitry completed on three periods of DWTS. However we kind of entirely forget about him? guess: v that's what happens once you never place greater than 8th?

ABC/Adam Taylor
32. Gleb Savchenko

We almost thought Gleb to be a member that the one-and-done club as soon as the Russian danced with Lisa Vanderpump in season 16. Like a night the end at SUR, it's was all a bit of a blur and he actually checked out the troupe the following season.

But like a phoenix, Gleb rose from the ashes and also returned to pro condition in season 23, walk on to show up in every season since. Yet he has actually never made a final. 

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images
31. Corky Ballas

Remember as soon as they lugged in Mark's dad come dance with Cloris Leachman and Florence Henderson? Type-cast much!

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images
30. Henry Byalikov

Always a troupe member, only when a featured pro. Still, that was among the much more popular troupe members...and look at at the smile!

Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney television via Getty Images
29. Britt Stewart

Talk around a long date out moment: 29 seasons in and also Britt is the show's an initial Black mrs pro, with the 31-year-old offer six periods in the troupe. 

While we've however to see how Britt's an initial outing as a member that the main cast will go, we have actually high really hopes considering the reality she appeared in all 3 High school Musical films, performed throughout Katy Perry's Super key Halftime Show and also was featured in La La Land. Your. Faves. Could. Never. 

Adam Larkey/ABC
28. Alec Mazo

Respect should be paid to the show's first ever pro winner. Sadly, he might never reclaim his former glory.

ABC/Craig Sjodin
27. Tristan MacManus

We still miss the Irishman, that was a fan-fave prior to ditching us for the UK's Strictly Come Dancing. Rude. Points deducted!

26. Brandon Armstrong

After three periods in the troupe, Brandon scored among season 27's many talented celebs: Tinashe. But the pair were criminally ousted just weeks in come the competition, one of the most shocking eliminations in the show's history.

While he's yet to totally make his mark, we have high hopes for Brandon and also his future on DWTS

25. Jenna Johnson

After serving four years as a troupe member, Jenna's transition to pro status was a rollercoaster. After being the an initial pair eliminated in she debut outing, she came ago to win her second season with Olympic number skater Adam Rippon. We love a comeback. And we additionally love she sweet love story with fellow pro Val Chmerkovskiy. 

24. Chelsie Hightower

In her seven seasons, Chelsie's best finish was fourth place. Still, she was too legit come quit. JK, she did quit. 

23. Anna Trebunskaya

One the nicest and also most patient dancers. So yeah, the counts for something!

ABC/Adam Taylor
22. Sasha Farber

We won't lie, we originally liked Sasha more as the annual Halloween prankster/most featured troupe member. Yet over time, we've viewed the error of ours thinking and also apologize come the Aussie who has placed third in two periods (with partner Tonya Harding and ally Brooke) and also is proving to it is in a genuine threat through Justina Machado this season.

21. Allison Holker

While us love that she always pushed the boundaries and also rules the DWTS , her style was ultimately far better suited for So girlfriend Think You can Dance --and she Tik Tok account due to the fact that we can't get sufficient of Allison and husband tWitch Boss' dance move and love story. 

20. Keo Motsepe

Real-talk, Keo had actually been partnered through the bottom that the barrel when it pertained to celebs v the ability to, you know, dance early in his DWTS career.

He wasn't really given a chance to shine till his sixth outing, comes in 3rd place v Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch. However whatever, he's a prince (seriously) and we're not, therefore he's doing just fine. 

Angela Weiss/Getty Images
19. Edyta Sliwinska

A continuous dancer and she and also Alec are definitely one the the hottest couples to come out of DWTS, because that sure. For this reason a victory for them and also a success for eyeballs everywhere. 

18. Lacey Schwimmer

Lacey transitioned from SYTYCD come DWTS seamlessly, and also was a favourite on both. Bubbly and fun, v a penchant for an imaginative choreography, us were sad to view her go.

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DWTS airs Mondays in ~ 8 p.m. ~ above ABC.

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