Dancing through the Starsreturned with another themed night of dance on Oct. 18, 2021. So far, the alphabet competition series has featured a Britney Spears Night and Disney Week, wherein the celebrities performed two songs influenced by Disney heroes and also villains. This week, the season 30 celebs danced to songs inspired by the 1978 movieGrease.

Find the end who remained in the bottom two during Grease night. Plus, which celebrity pairing obtained the an initial perfect score the the season and who was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars Season 30. 

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‘Grease’ Night ‘Dancing through the Stars’ | ABC/Christopher Willard

‘Grease’ Night featuring distinct guests Olivia Newton-John, Frankie Avalon, and also Didi Conn

“Olivia Newton-John will certainly be making a surprise guest appearance on Monday’s show,” a DWTS rep furious to E News on Oct. 17. “ support the completing couples who will dance to the music from her iconic movie role.” Throughout the night, Newton-John shared her memory being component of the Grease cast, add to laid the groundwork because that each song, which to be performed in the very same order together the movie.

amandakloots’ Viennese Waltz lugged us to our feet v the aid of Frankie Avalon’s LIVE #DWTS performance for #GreaseNight! pic.twitter.com/eWXsFrFt3V

— Dancing v the Stars #DWTS (

Crooner and Grease star Frankie Avalon also appeared throughout the Dancing with the Stars theme night. The performed “Beauty institution Dropout,” simply as his duty Teen point of view did in the 1978 film, when Amanda Kloots danced v Alan Bersten. Plus, Didi Conn, that plays Frenchie in the movie, verified up because that Kloots DWTS Season 30 competitors, offering her encouragement via Zoom before her near-perfect-score performance.

Scores for the ‘Grease’ influenced performances top top ‘Dancing through the Stars,’ including very first perfect score in season 30 

Once again, all 4 judges scored the performances during week 5 ofDancing through the StarsSeason 30. Here’s just how the celebrities scored throughout the night:

Olivia Jade and also Val Chmerkovskiy: 36/40 for their foxtrot to “Summer Nights”Iman Shumpert and also Daniella Karagach: 28/40 for your Viennese waltz to “Hopelessly committed To You”Mike “The Miz Mizanin and also Witney Carson: 32/40 for their jive to “Greased Lightnin"”Kloots and Bersten: 39/40 for their Viennese waltz to “Beauty college Dropout”Suni Lee and also Sasha Farber: 36/40 for their Charleston come “Born to Hand Jive”

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imanshumpert’s #GreaseNight Viennese Waltz #DWTS pic.twitter.com/Wx6XL39ctD

— Dancing v the Stars #DWTS (

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Jimmie Allen and also Emma Slater: 34/40 for your foxtrot come “Sandy”Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong: 36/40 for their rumba to “There room Worse things I can Do”JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson: 40/40 for their foxtrot come “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)” — the an initial perfect score of the season Melanie C and Gleb Savchenko: 36/40 for your quickstep come “You’re The One That ns Want”

The judges save Olivia Jade, remove Mel C. Indigenous ‘Dancing v the Stars’ Season 30 

So far, boy name Kove, Christine Chiu, Matt James, and Brian Austin green have been removed from Dancing v the Stars. This week, freckles Girl Mel C. And YouTuber Jade were in the bottom two. Prefer last week with Moore and James, the judges did no unanimously agree, therefore Len Goodman had to action in. He made the last decision to save Jade.

Tune in following week to see the continuing to be contestants run in an additional themed episode, horror Night. WatchDancing with the Starson alphabet Mondays in ~ 8 afternoon EST.