When the leaves start to turn and pumpkin summer sprouts latte season is ~ above us, Dancing through the Stars will be back.

Though it"s to be 16 years because the an initial season that DWTS was presented on ABC, the ballroom run competition present has ongoing to it is in a popular collection on the network. This year, Dancing with the Stars will memory its 30th season, which way fans have to expect even more fun and surprises this fall. In an interview v TV Insider, host and also executive producer Tyra Banks to reduce hints about what season 30 can entail — and it sounds like a unique throwback twisted is gift considered.

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"There is something beautiful about a doing a retrospect when you struggle a milestone year," she said the outlet. "At the same time, there are so many new viewers , and also a retrospect might not resonate with them. So, if we perform one, it would have to be because that those diehard fans that have actually been below forever, but not do it so ‘inside baseball’ where the brand-new people don’t recognize what the heck is going on."

For every the details on what Dancing v the Stars season 30 will look like, save on scrolling:

When will Dancing v the Stars season 30 premiere?

Dancing v the Stars season 30 will begin on Monday, September 20 at 8 p.m. ET top top ABC. Assuming alphabet sticks come its normal loss schedule, the show will continue to air new episodes on Monday nights throughout the fall and also wrap up at some point toward the end of November.

Who is in the Dancing through the Stars season 30 cast?

On September 8, Good Morning America announced the 2021 celebrity cast for the upcoming season:

Peloton cycling manager Cody RigsbyThe Talk cohost Amanda KlootsBling Empire star Christine ChiuThe real Housewives the Atlanta star Kenya MooreSinger Jimmie AllenSinger Melanie CActor Martin KoveYoutuber Olivia Jade GiannulliActor Brian Austin GreenActress Melora HardinNBA star Iman ShumpertPro wrestler Mike “The Miz” MizaninFormer Bachelor star Matt James
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When the display returns on September 20, fans will then discover which celebrities and also pro dancers space paired up together. The said, Parade reports the complying with are rumored to it is in partnered up:

Alan Bersten and also Amanda KlootsArtem Chigvintsev and Melora HardinBrandon Armstrong and also Kenya MooreDaniella Karagach and also Iman ShumpertEmma Slater and also Jimmie AllenGleb Savchenko and Melanie CJenna Johnson and also JoJo SiwaLindsay Arnold and also Matt JamesPasha Pashkov and also Christine ChiuSasha Farber and Suni LeeSharna Burgess and also Brian Austin GreenValentin Chmerkovskiy and also Olivia Jade Giannulli

Of course, this is simply what we"re hearing, and nothing is confirmed yet. As for the rest of the celebrities, we have actually no clue, but we"ll discover out soon sufficient on September 20.

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Who will certainly be the Dancing v the Stars judges?

Good news for fans who missed Len Goodman (who couldn"t take trip from the U.K. To LA to be a full-time judge last season because of the coronavirus pandemic). For season 30, the show is officially welcoming Len ago while likewise keeping former pro Derek Hough ~ above the panel. That means Derek, Len, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli will all be judging the vain this year.