Dancing v The Stars: The 10 ideal Professionals, according To Reddit successful pros on Dancing with The Stars are generally charismatic, have solid chemistry v their partners, and also are also great teachers.

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Lindsay Arnold, mark Ballas, and also Sharna burgess of Dancing v The Stars
ABC"s Dancing v The Stars is currently airing its 30th season, and also over the food of the past 15 years has had a wide variety of professional Latin and also ballroom dancers come accompany their celebrity participants. While all of them have actually backgrounds in dancing and also choreographing, some have actually led an ext contestants to victory than others.

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Successful pros on Dancing through The Stars are frequently charismatic and also have solid chemistry with their partners, while likewise being an excellent teachers that space willing to assistance their partners regardless of their previous run experience. A professional"s capability to affix with viewers and also create a solid relationship v their celebrity is an important to their success ~ above the show.

Lindsay Arnold posing because that Dancing through The Stars
Lindsay Arnold has been on Dancing through The Stars because 2013, beginning in the troupe and also eventually being advocated to a skilled dancer partner. In she years on the show, Lindsay has made the finals almost every time and also was crowned the mirrorball champion alongside her celebrity companion Jordan Fisher top top season 25.

Because of she high placement and record-breaking perfect scores through Jordan, she has actually been praised as one of the finest female advantages to elegant the show. Redditor hungryeyes07 wrote of the Utah native, "I think Lindsay is among the finest when it pertains to teaching. She has functioned with celebs of many different body varieties and to dance experience and also has repeatedly made the pretty far."

Sharna burgess smiling because that Dancing v The Stars
Sharna burgess joined DWTS in season 13 and also immediately stand out because of her charming personality and vibrant red hair. In all of her years on the show, Sharna has actually made the semi-finals and finals number of times, coming in 2nd place through IndyCar racer James Hinchcliffe and also getting her very first victory in the 27th season with radio personality Bobby Bones.

"Even when she has actually underdogs, she tells their story fine to connect the viewers to them (like through James Hinchcliffe a couple of seasons back!)," wrote Redditor localtouristgr about the Season 27 champion. Reddit user birdeyes 85 commented below them in agreement writing, "I have actually literally envisioned her choreographing mine wedding dance."

Alan Bersten smiling for a picture on Dancing through The Stars
Alan Bersten began on the hit reality collection as a troupe member in the 20th season that Dancing with The Stars. He to be popular amongst fans and also eventually promoted as a professional dancer after filling in for other pros like note Ballas and also Maks Chmerkovskiy transparent his years in the troupe.

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Alan made the finals with version Alexis Ren v whom he had actually a showmance on season 27 and also took home the mirrorball trophy through Bachelorette Hannah Brown the adhering to year. "I personal love Alan. He to be the sweetest on DWTS Jrs and also an exceptional coach. (Like yall. Skai’s first-week dance to be amazing!!)" created Redditor belenb on a subject asking other Dancing through The Stars fans who their favorite experienced dancer was.

7 Emma Slater

Emma Slater's professional snapshot for Dancing through The Stars
Emma Slater is ideal known in she Dancing with The Stars career for winning with football player Rashad Jennings in season 24. She likewise placed fourth with one-half that the building Brothers attracted Scott and also found love and got engaged to fellow pro Sasha Farber live ~ above the show.

"My favorite has to be Emma. She works hard and also choreographs the run in stimulate to do her partner stand out. She also has together a actual personality, she definitely sees the ideal in people and also seems come get in addition to everyone! and also she cracks me increase every time ns watch her!" Redditor fionaDWTS claimed of the British pro on a thread.

Val Chmerkovskiy first showed up on Dancing through The Stars in season 2 together a supporting dancer and competed together a skilled for the very first time ~ above season 13. Due to the fact that then, he has consistently put high v his celebrity partners, winning mirrorball trophies v Rumer Willis and also Laurie Hernandez and also placing 3rd on four other seasons.

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Reddit user bcocfbhp ranked the existing professional dancers in a thread and put Val in ~ the top, writing, "In my opinion, he have to have more wins than Derek. The delivers every year his work-related with Normani and Zendaya were his best." Val has actually come close come winning more than any kind of other pro, and continuously pushes his partners to it is in the ideal that they can be.

5 Witney Carson

Witney Carson flourished up alongside various other DWTS experienced dancers Jenna Johnson and also Lindsay Arnold in Utah, training in Latin and also ballroom dancing. She join the show after contending on So you Think You can Dance, and also won the mirrorball trophy together a fan-favorite DWTS pair with Alfonso Riberio. She placed 2nd with Milo Manheim and Kel Mitchell in back-to-back seasons.

Redditor rojoe06 complimented Witney"s choreography in the past couple of years writing, "I yes, really think Witney is going v a little bit of a renaissance like note went through, her choreography and ability to work to the staminas of she partners the past couple of seasons have actually really impression me." They added that your favorite dances that hers have actually been, "Alfonso"s jazz and Paso, Frankie"s contemporary, and also Milo"s salsa and contemporary."

Karina Smirnoff winner season 13 that Dancing with The Stars with her celebrity partner J.R. Martinez. One of the longest-lasting pros, Karina very first appeared on season 3 that DWTS and also returned to contend every year until her critical appearance ~ above season 22. End the course of her career, she winner the present once and made the finals 4 times.

On a thread wherein fans could discuss their favorite and least favourite pros, Redditor ChristineDaae86 praised Karina for her time top top the show, "She"s not simply an remarkable Latin dancer and Latin champion, she ballroom was also glorious come watch; her tangos to be steamy, her waltzes to be romantic, she foxtrots were classy, her quicksteps to be showy."

3 note Ballas

mark Ballas thrived up to dance with various other pros Julianne and Derek Hough, also being the latter"s companion in number of ballroom competitions. He completed on virtually 20 periods of the fact show and also is concerned as among the best and popular male experts DWTS has ever seen. He winner the display twice and came in second four times.

Here, Redditor birdseye85 mutual their favorite expert dancer top top Reddit through writing, "My fave male pro is note Ballas. Ns mean, insane choreography, innovation, creativity, the list goes on! He to be truly in a league of his own once he to be on the cast."

before she was an actress or a singer, Julianne Hough was a two-time Dancing v The Stars winner, gaining the mirrorball trophy back-to-back in periods 4 and also 5 at just 19 years old. Despite she just danced on five seasons, she has because returned to do with her older brother and also serve as a judge.

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Redditor The_Real_Talker contributed to a subject on the DWTS subreddit by writing, "Julianne will always be my all-time favorite pro and her with Apollo is still my all-time favorite couple from the show. They had actually such remarkable chemistry and their dances were every so good."

1 Derek Hough

though he might be known as a judge on the show now, Derek had actually his shot in ~ the mirrorball trophy numerous times by competing as a professional on the present for years. Derek was truly among the finest pros, together he won the location of Mirrorball Champion alongside his celebrity partners 6 times in his career.

Redditor MaggieFields recalled gift a fan of Derek for numerous years in a discuss a thread stating the different professional dancers, "He candid has always been the best teacher in DWTS, he was genuine and nice with his partners, his choreography and creativity room out of this world... Will never ever before forget his quickstep with Shawn Johnson."