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Former “Dancing v the Stars” experienced dancer Anna Trebunskaya has revealed exactly how fans can gain their favorite previous pros earlier on the show. She says that really, it’s as much as the fans.

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Anna claims She would Absolutely Come earlier to ‘Dancing through the Stars’ If they Asked Her

For “Dancing with the Stars” season 30, former experienced dancer because that the present Anna Trebunskaya has actually been act live Instagram critiques of the contestants. During the video, she fans have been peppering her through questions and one renowned one is questioning her if she would return to the show, to which Trebunskaya has been fast to say, “Yeah, if lock asked,” despite she did say she’s “not sure” exactly how it would go due to the fact that she’s “older” and “stiffer” 보다 she used to be.

But Trebunskaya likewise said the it’s not really as much as her, it’s as much as the fans.

“It’s sort of as much as you. I mean it, I’m not also joking,” claimed Trebunskaya. “I’m gonna it is in really real with you. If friend bombard ‘Dancing v the Stars’ and say we miss out on Anna and also we want her back, we desire ‘From Russia v Love’ back, we desire the redhead back, we miss her dance … if you bombard them, they’ll listen. Why? cause you’re the audience. In ~ the end of the day, if you clock the show, it’s on. You have the power. Girlfriend have means more power 보다 you think. Take the power, usage it.”

Trebunskaya now Runs A dance Studio in Los Angeles

Trebunskaya has actually been filming she “Dancing through the Stars” critiques from she dance studio, the You can Dance Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA. She co-owns the studio v her mother, Irina, who is likewise a professional dancer and also was actually Anna’s childhood dance teacher, according to the website.

In her many recent Instagram, Trebunskaya stated she’s definitely friendly with the “Dancing with the Stars” pros, however they don’t acquire a opportunity to see each other an extremely often.

Trebunskaya to be a agree on “Dancing through the Stars” for seasons two, five, six, nine through 15, and then season 21. She never ever did success the Mirrorball Trophy, finishing together high as second place twice (in periods two and 10). However it sounds prefer she would certainly be game to go back in a heartbeat. She is definitely part of a team that defined the teen seasons of the show that encompass Karina Smirnoff, mark Ballas, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Tony Dovolani, and Peta Murgatroyd.

If girlfriend haven’t to be watching Trebunskaya’s Instagram critiques the season 30, girlfriend are lacking out. They are very insightful and also she doesn’t constantly agree with the judges. You deserve to watch her critique of main 2 here and also her critique of main 3 here.

In mainly two, Trebunskaya stated that the Miz to be surprising her by how an excellent he is and also complimented his “good coordination, an excellent frame.” She also said that she was a “bit bored” through Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach’s rumba, yet that the dances pretty well because that someone for this reason tall.

And in mainly three, the former pro assumed the judges were “picking on” Jimmie Allen, plus she to be blown far by the level of to dance Melora Hardin is exhibiting in ~ this stage in the competition.

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“Dancing with the Stars” season 30 airs Mondays in ~ 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC.