For Dancing v the Stars fans, skilled dancer Sharna citizen is famous for she fiery red hair. Burgess donned it throughout her thirteen seasons on the show, including when she won through radio personality, Bobby Bones. The was then, though, and this is now. Sharna citizen is now blonde and virtually unrecognizable.

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Fans to let go the Dancing v the Stars pro throughout the show’s 2019 season, yet if she end up being a component of 2020’s cast, Sharna citizen will be difficult to spot. She looks entirely different without she signature strawberry locks. Check out Burgess’ brand-new look together a blonde bombshell below:

Sharna burgess is a blonde with sassy pink highlights thrown in for great measure in this picture. The Dancing v the Stars vet can not watch any more different. Together a previous blonde (in my case, of the bottled variety), I have the right to attest that is a considerable change. In case you necessary a reminder of how dramatic Burgess’ new look is, check out a pic of her previous hairstyle below:

On Instagram, Sharna burgess revealed that all of her previously red locks were stripped out and toner used to disclose the beautiful blonde you view above. Burgess is the latest to undergo a hair makeover this summer, if the recent full-body transformation of one-time Dancing with the Stars competitor, Kelly Osbourne, has likewise made headlines.

Sharna Burgess’ hair change comes together Dancing v the Stars is going through a couple of changes that its own. Abc let go of Tom Bergeron and also Erin Andrews, that were the hosts throughout most of Burgess’ seasons. Dancing through the Stars ultimately announced that Tyra financial institutions would hold the upcoming 2020 season.

Sharna Burgess’ former pro challenger called the decision “understandable,” while Season 25 winner Jordan Fisher described the relocate as “odd.” A complete list that celebrity competitors and their pro partners have not been announced yet for Season 29, but burgess has no been earlier on Dancing with the Stars as a pro partner because she winner Season 27 through Bobby Bones.

While that sounds like another lifetime ago, it has actually only been a season. Pan will need to wait and also see if burgess gets to it is in a component of Season 29’s roster. The present will be without two female pros, Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold (due to pregnant for the former), who, interestingly, are both blondes like citizen is now.

Despite our existing health crisis, Dancing v the Stars is set to return this fall. Time will certainly tell if Sharna burgess is part of the cast with her brand-new blonde hair, so stick with to check out if she will certainly be among those to compete with celebrities for the mirror ball trophy when Dancing v the Stars’ line-up because that Season 29 is ultimately revealed.

Dancing with the Stars’ twenty-ninth season will air Mondays in ~ 8 p.m. ET on ABC. A premiere day is still pending. While friend wait come return for much more mirror ball excitement, check out the other shows the are collection to waltz their means onto this fall’s schedule.

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