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Janet Jackson night saw two couples lose their rhythm in a shocking twin elimination during Monday night"s Dancing with the Stars. Olivia Jade andVal Chmerkovskiyand Jimmie Allen and partner Emma Slater were given the boots after a night the dance-offs and carefully choreographed Janet Jackson-themed dances.

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After hitting the floor for your individual performances that witnessed perfect scores and some that the toughest evaluate of the season,all eight remaining couples combated it the end in a series of head-to-head dances.

Jimmieand Emma go the salsa come "Made because that Now"alongside Suni Lee and also Sasha Farber, with judge Bruno Tonioli choosing to provide Jimmie and also Emma the bonus points.

Carrie Ann Inaba judged JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson, and Olivia and Val on your rumbas, calling it the "dance-off of all dance-offs." despite it gift a nearby call, sheultimately gavethe extra points toJoJo and also Jenna.

An end to two amazing journeys, but forever our #DWTS family. ❣️ say thanks to you because that bringing so much to the ballroom every week,
GMA morning for a heartfelt farewell!

— Dancing v the Stars #DWTS (

Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach go head-to-head versus Melora Hardi and Artem Chigvintsev, every dancing the foxtrot. Judge Derek Hough provided Iman props for how far he"s come in the competition, butultimately offered his points to Melora and Artem.

Amanda Kloots and also Alan Bersten and Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke each performed the jive. While it to be a "tough call," referee Len Goodmandecided to offer his 2 points to Amanda and also Alana.

After their fight for extra points, Melora and also Artem, Jimmie and Emma, and also Olivia and also Val, all discovered themselves in the bottom three.

Olivia andVal, that came out on height after last week"s dance relay,were the an initial to it is in sent home after receivingthe lowest mix of votes and also scores. The judges climate unanimously poll to save Melora and also Artem, who had received their first perfect score the the season for their paso doble, meaning Jimmie and also Emma were likewise eliminated.

ET speak to Olivia and Val after your elimination, where the 22-year-old YouTuber said, she"s "been better."

"Been better. Pretty bummed," a disappointed Olivia said. "But honestly, this has been the finest experience. I"m so happy we made the this far, and that we gained to dance. We"ve said this native the beginning, but it wasn"t even about winning or losing. We just wanted to walk the distance and also have the possibility to run as much as possible. I"m bummed the it"s coming to an end."

As for Jimmie and Emma, if the country crooner wasn"t thrilled the his time ~ above the show was over,he did recognize that the was prepared "every week" to go residence after being stacked up against a cast of competent dancers.

"I feel favor I offered it whatever I had,but ns mean, I ready every week to go house from the time we acquired to maybe, Disney night," Jimmierevealed.

Though he"s"retiring" from the run floor, Jimmie said that anyone who gets the opportunity to doDWTS, should.

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Dancing v the Starsairs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT ~ above ABC.


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