After 10 main of layout nights, Tyra financial institutions costume transforms and method too many jokes about underpants from Len Goodman,Dancing v the Stars has reached the finish of Season 30.

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The abc competition’s milestone cycle involved a close on Monday night, through victory in sight for Amanda Kloots, Cody Rigsby, Iman Shumpert and JoJo Siwa. Front of the finale, we asked for your thoughts ~ above whowould andshould success Season 30, and also Siwa and pro partner Jenna Johnson led both polls at the start of Monday’s broadcast. (The question of whoshould win separated our reader more, though, with Siwa just earning 32 percent of the vote; Shumpert, Kloots and also Rigsby followed carefully behind through 24, 23 and also 21 percent, respectively.)

But prior to we might find the end whether 47 percent that readers had actually accurately suspect Siwa together the winner, there was still many of dance to be done. First, every duo perform a blend dance, which combined two various styles right into one routine; next up, it was the freestyles, quickly the most fun and ambitious ring of every season.

Here’s how the last two rounds of score performances shook the end — and no, friend weren’t hallucinating a various Hough sibling behind the judges’ dais. Through Derek Hough quiet in quarantine ~ contracting COVID-19 last week, sisters Julianne — a formerDWTS proand formerDWTS referee herself — filled in because that him throughout the finale.

JOJO SIWA and also PRO JENNA JOHNSONJoJo and also Jenna first hit us with a tango/cha-cha combination dance in round 1, which had enough electrical energy to irradiate up the Dancing ballroom for all ofnext season. But, oh, girlfriend needed another power surge? then behold their freestyle, i m sorry included aspects of various ballroom styles they’ve performed throughout the season, while additionally mixing in part high-energy and also positively joyous sequences with the troupe. All told, JoJo and Jenna’s evening was around as flawless together possible, and also the judges’ paddles certain reflected that.Judges’ Scores: 40/40 (fusion); 40/40 (freestyle)

IMAN SHUMPERT and PRO DANIELLA KARAGACHIn what was arguably the finale’s greatest head-scratcher of a blend dance, Iman and also Daniella had actually the unenviable task of combining a cha-cha and also a… foxtrot? and Iman walk pretty darn well with navigating those transitions. Because the routine was hefty on classic ballroom steps, Iman’s so-so method was glaring, however oscillating between those 2 wildly different styles was an impressively tackled endeavor. And also though that course your freestyle was jam-packed v wild lifts, Iman also had to understand a thick dance complete of an extremely fast footwork, and also he did so v a casual, funny flair the made the power such a treat come watch.Judges’ Scores: 40/40 (fusion); 40/40 (freestyle)

AMANDA KLOOTS and also PRO ALAN BERSTENFor their combination dance, Amanda and Alan mixed a Viennese waltz v a paso doble, and Amanda seemed to finally permit herself to gain a little sensual through her power — though, to it is in fair, she previous dramatic performances to be weighed under by insane Cruella andSaw costuming. (That prosthetic chin on horror Night? never forget.) Later, in your freestyle, Amanda looked certain exuberant, beaming v an ease and also authenticity the I just wish she’d showcased a few more time throughout the season. And also yeah, there was a short out-of-sync section once the troupe join in through Amanda and Alan, however pfft. Freestyles are basically the Perfect Score category, baby!Judges’ Scores: 38/40 (fusion); 40/40 (freestyle)

CODY RIGSBY and also PRO CHERYL BURKEA paso doble/cha-cha hybrid awaited Cody and also Cheryl in the first round, which provided Cody an possibility to show just just how much his frame and also footwork have improved in recent weeks. I continue to be a little stumped, though, as to whyzero judges have ever before commented on Cody’s confront during performances, specific his tendency to puff out his cheeks and exhale favor it’s a HIIT and hills Peloton ride. On the plus side, Cody was having actually so much fun lip-syncing come Todrick Hall’s “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” throughout his freestyle the the challenge was never ever an issue, and I never ever knew just how much I want twerking in a finale performance.

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Judges’ Scores: 36/40 (fusion); 40/40 (freestyle)

Then, it was finally time because that those results, and I won’t store you in suspense any kind of longer: The Season 30 winners space Iman and also Daniella! JoJo and Jenna came in 2nd place, while Cody and also Cheryl and also Amanda and also Alan complied with in 3rd and fourth, respectively.

For the last time this season, i hand it over to you! to be you pleased or disappointed through the finale results? cast your poll in the poll below, then sophisticated in the comments!