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America jointly got over the reality that previous Texas Gov. Rick Perry was liked to appear on the abc competition show “Dancing through the Stars” simply in time because that the premiere Monday.

Perry and also his partner, experienced dancer Emma Slater, to be tasked v doing the Cha Cha for their television debut.

The duo made decision to run to the small Texas song “God Blessed Texas” because, in case you missed it, Perry is from Texas. The performance contained several cameos by the Texas state flag and a projection of the state ~ above the run floor. Slater even donned cowboy boots.

Let’s malfunction the performance.


Republican presidential candidate and Texas branch Rick Perry eats a "veggie" corn dog and also walks through his wife Anita when visiting the Iowa State Fair respectable 15, 2011 in Des Moines, Iowa.

The pair entered the run floor after making a pit protect against at Rick’s Corn dog stand, possibly an homage to one of the much more memorable photos taken throughout the 2012 campaign. Can we likewise talk around how inflation has apparently not got to the Lone Star state? Fifty cents for a corn dog? sign me up.




And, barely the end of breath, Perry stuck the finish.

Perry and Slater obtained straight 5s indigenous all four judges, with a last score the 20. It to be the lowest score of the evening. Yet at the really least, the under appreciated state the Texas was well-represented.

It remains to be watched whether Perry will certainly go under in background for his governorship, failure presidential projects or his Cha Cha.

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