Dancing with The Stars: 10 Couples Who found Romance together Dancing through The Stars has regularly been a reality display where world found love. Whether pros or celebs, these couples finished up dating as result of the show.

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reality TV is seemingly the perfect place to look because that romantic drama as soon as it"s one uneventful job off. The best component of it is the the display doesn"t need to be specifically about dating. Sometimes (or many of the time), truth shows simply have interesting things warm up. From accidental googly-eyed moments to friendships developing into actual relationships, there are a most shows that encompass some that TV"s many memorable budding romances, particularly on Dancing with The Stars. 

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DWTS has had some of the finest relationships develop over the course of the show. There"s even be a proposal on air in current seasons!

Jenna Johnson dances through Val Cherkovskiy ~ above DWTS
The couple that truly skilled a rollercoaster, Val and also Jenna currently share a sweet life and they acquired engaged! your Instagram account depict the cute way of living the 2 dancers space living, with among their latest posts showing lock dancing together at the Playground LA.

After meeting on the show, the duo had actually an on-again, off-again connection until castle grew an ext serious and also tied the knot. Prior to dating Jenna, Val to be seen v a couple of others, consisting of a type of unconfirmed however public romance v Pretty tiny Liars star, Janel Parrish for a couple of months. The 2 were run partners in Season 19.

Nikki Bella Dances with Artem top top DWTS wearing A Red Dress
As much as news outlets know, this pair is still together today. When they were teamed increase in Season 25, the two showed serious chemistry. Nikki Bella was engaged to john Cena before the two were together, but due to the fact that that connection obviously didn"t job-related out, she uncovered her new love through Artem.

The two show up together on Nikki"s reality series Total Bellas. They recently got engaged and now, they have actually a child called Matteo.

julianne hough helio to dance mirror ball trophy laugh dwts phase gold
Julianne is no stranger to the professional dance world, so seeing her have a quick moment with Hélio Castroneves to be sweet! It to be a vision to see when the two shared a fast kiss throughout their quickstep, all the when Castroneves was reportedly experiencing part romance drama outside of the show. The reason why numerous think other spicy to be happening in between him and Hough is that he and his fiancé had actually just referred to as it quits.

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The people may never understand whether the two actually acquired past a platonic friendship, generally after castle profusely refuse they to be together. That was definitely interesting to hear the publicist that Castroneves" ex-fiancé check the rumors between him and Hough were "clearly the end there."

7 Kym Johnson & Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec and also Kym Johnson ~ above Dancing v the Stars
countless recognize the attractive team the Shark Tank member and also the professional dancer made. Upon meeting in Season 20, the two placed sixth location in the competition, but that didn"t protect against them from staying in touch.

The couple later married, attributing your time ~ above DWTS together beneficial because it sparked an attraction. Clearly, Johnson must have actually ignited a refreshing take on a connection for Herjavec being the she was the one commanding the rehearsals as the pro.

This is the couple that got involved in the sweetest, happily-ever-after way, which throughout the show! Sasha rotate to she after they effortlessly flew through a contemporary dance, and surprised her by telling her the loved she so much, then acquired down top top one knee to formally propose.

The season couldn"t have gotten any far better than that earlier in 2016, but the ideal moment was once Derek Hough sprinted to the stage to it is in the an initial cast member to take on the happy couple. The really interesting component of this proposal though was the Emma and also her partner had actually been eliminated, and the dance the she and Sasha perform was plainly just a technique for the to collection up the beloved proposal.

5 Alan Bersten & Alexis Ren

known as among the show"s "showmances," the cute pair, unfortunately, didn"t last, also being evidenced to have finished on a negative note. But, the doesn"t typical their early sparks weren"t clear.

After part time top top the show, Ren claimed in a video that she was "developing feelings” for Bersten, i beg your pardon she absolutely wasn"t expecting. Bersten also kissed her on air! Now, exactly how doesn"t that make the present all the an ext entertaining?

after partnering increase in 2014 for the show, the couple seemed to have had enough of TV romances, as both had actually their fair share the "showmances" before getting significant with one another. Maks had actually been involved to Karina Smirnoff, another DWTS participant, but they ended their engagement under a year later.

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After your participation in the present that year, Maks and also Peta got involved the next year and had a boy by 2017. After ~ they invited their kid to the world, the couple then officially obtained married.

3 Hayley Erbert & Derek Hough

Derek Hough is among the many memorable choreographers and professional dancers native the show. That been claimed that he and also his sister, Julianne, in reality played a duty in helping Erbert obtain her spot through the reality show.

Erbert and also Hough started to hit the off as soon as she to be a troupe dancer because that the show. They newly danced because that ABC’s Disney “Singalong,” in 2020 throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with many fans recalling the couple’s Beauty and The Beast costumes. Plus, their Instagram account highlight their sweet relationship. The a good thing these 2 are supposedly still walk strong.

The only little loophole v this romantic is the this pair didn’t actually compete on the show, yet if the weren’t for DWTS, they more than likely wouldn’t have actually met. Matthew’s brother, Joey Lawrence, competed on the show in Season 3 with Cheryl. The run duo climate went top top tour, which is exactly how Cheryl met she partner’s brother.

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Cheryl and also Matthew actually broke up ~ a short time the dating, but reunited year later and are now married! Burke was stated to have actually texted Lawrence a “Merry Christmas” message years after your breakup. It to be a great thing she go that because they’re now very happy together.

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1 mark Ballas & Sabrina Bryan

remember this adorable pair that finished up losing? It was a major shocker to see the 2 go home after cast members and audiences angrily flipped out as soon as they to be announced to be off the show.

But, that didn’t prevent the two from going out afterward! Some have the right to recall Bryan gushing about Ballas taking her the end on a date and that he want to surprise her. They seemed absolutely perfect because that each other. Both space enthusiastic and energetic performers, and above all, tough workers. Sadly though, they finished their connection after a few months, yet remained amicable as The Cheetah girl star was viewed cheering Ballas ~ above the next season!