10 Dancing v The Stars Runners-Up who Deserve A second Chance It"s time the Dancing through The Stars had one more all-star season, and it would be an excellent to check out runners-up who nearly had the all complete again.

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Nev Shulman, Zendaya, and also James Hinchcliffe as runner-ups who deserve an additional chance on Dancing with the Stars
ABC"s fact competition show Dancing with The Stars combine judges" scores with fan votes to recognize who the winner and mirrorball champions of each season are. This method that talent and popularity are equally important, and also also method that the ideal celebrity dancer and their expert dance partner might not necessarily win.

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Due to fan votes, a many the best dancers end up in 2nd place. These competitors might have actually been just as good as the winners, but something stopped them from taking residence the glowing mirrorball trophy. It"s time that Dancing v The Stars had an additional all-star season, and also it would be an excellent to view runners-up who nearly had the all compete again.

corbin bleu dancing through the stars
High college Musical alum Corbin smoke placed 2nd on season 17 that Dancing through The Stars with partner Karina Smirnoff, while previous Glee star Amber Riley and her companion Derek Hough ended up being mirrorball champions.

Fans knew the Corbin could dance after seeing his occupational in the High college Musical movies, but they didn"t know just how talented he was until he hit the ballroom floor. As is the case with most seasons of DWTS, there was so much talent the season the it was difficult to number out who was going to take home the cool prize. Corbin deserves to it is in on viewers" display screens again and possibly win the trophy the next time around.

Katherine Jenkins v her partner note Ballas top top Dancing v the Stars
on Season 14 the the ABC reality show, timeless singer Katherine Jenkins to be the runner-up when football player Donald Driver come in very first place and took house the mirrorball trophy.

Katherine and also her expert dance partner, mark Ballas, were close to gift crowned champions, despite a slip-up in one of their last dances sealed their fate together second-place finishers. Katherine tripped over she dress throughout their routine, offering them every 9"s and a lesser shot at winning. Katherine to be talented and also a gifted dancer and deserves to redeem herself following that wardrobe mishap.

Paige VanZant dancing with her partner note Ballas on Dancing through the Stars
skilled wrestler Paige VanZant and also her partner mark Ballas placed second on the 22nd season that Dancing v The Stars. Paige was narrowly beaten out by Nyle DiMarco, the show"s an initial deaf contestant and former star of America"s following Top Model.

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Paige and also Mark had an excellent chemistry together, proven during their "Proud Mary" jive and also their Jessie and Woody cosplay on Disney night. Castle truly ended up being friends during the procedure and to be contenders for the win title. Currently that a few years have actually passed, Paige deserves an additional chance come dance right into America"s hearts and remind castle of why she made that so much the first time.

7 Mel B (Season 5)

Mel B v her companion Make ~ above Dancing through the Stars
former Spice Girl Mel B practically won Season 5 the Dancing through The Stars however was beaten out by Indy 500 Champion Hélio Castroneves.

While Helio returned for the all-star season of the show in 2012 alongside actress Sabrina Bryan (who likewise competed ~ above this season), Mel B has actually yet to return to the dance floor regardless of being among the ideal to never win. Mel B must come ago and dance once much more in one more all-star edition of the show, as she was incredible her an initial time around and also would represent one of the earliest seasons of Dancing with The Stars.

top top the many recent season that Dancing with The Stars, previous bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe was crowned the mirrorball champion while Catfish star Nev Schulman and also his partner Jenna Johnson got second place.

Nev and Jenna were a surprised powerhouse duo who high scores never stopped coming. No one quite expected Nev come be together talented together he was, however week after week he showed that his heart and also soul belonged top top the dance floor. In a season whereby the compete was exceptionally tight, it seems only fair that Nev gets another shot at winning.

5 Zendaya (Season 16)

ago when Zendaya was mostly a Disney Channel name she contended on Dancing with The Stars as one of the youngest contestants ever. She and also partner Val Chmerkovskiy placed 2nd to winners Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough.

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Zendaya could"ve easily won the mirrorball trophy had she been a little older and wiser, i beg your pardon is precisely why she deserves another chance now. Plus v her ever-growing celebrity status, a reappearance by Zendaya would boost the show"s ratings, which have dropped in current years.

Actor and also comedian Kel Mitchell practically won Season 28 with his companion Witney Carson. The pair placed second while previous star that The Bachelorette Hannah Brown and her partner Alan Bersten to be crowned mirrorball champions.

Kel was the most improved on his season. Having no prior dance training and also truly finding out as that went every week, his scores continued to rise as the weeks walk by. He was emotive in his movement and also fun to watch on the dance floor. Fans were surprised when he snuck his method into the last two, and then disappointed once he didn"t arise victorious -- meaning he absolutely needs an additional shot in ~ the trophy.

3 lindsey Stirling (Season 25)

Musician lindsay Stirling placed second with her stellar expert dance partner mark Ballas on Season 25 of the dancing truth series. Disney star Jordan Fisher and also his companion Lindsay Arnold went home mirrorball champions in a season with numerous contenders because that the an initial place trophy.

Lindsey and also Mark to be friends prior to ever gift paired increase on the show, which helped them connect in an efficient way. Mark knew precisely how to tell Lindsey"s story and also incorporate she love and passion for music in their routines. She freestyle whereby she plays violin in the middle of the dance is one of the best of all time and also proves she have to dance in the ballroom again.

Disney Channel star Milo Manheim was the first runner-up ~ above Season 27, being beaten the end by radio display host Bobby skeleton in one of the most shocking finales the any Dancing v The Stars season.

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Milo and his partner Witney Carson arisen a strong friendship over the course of the season, translating their chemistry on and also off the ballroom floor. Even for gift so young, Milo was a great learner, adapter, and also competitor. He was willing to shot anything Witney threw in ~ him, even if it is it it is in zombie eye or to dance on water.

1 James Hinchcliffe (Season 23)

IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe placed 2nd on the 23rd season that Dancing through The Stars, losing out come Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez.

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James was a pan favorite and also he and also partner Sharna burgess are amongst the ideal duos to never ever win. Week after week, audience members to be rooting for him due to his charismatic personality and vulnerability in share his near-death suffer story. He allowed his partner to handmade his near-fatal tragedy right into a occupational of art v dance, permitting himself to heal in the process. James didn"t win yet deserves an additional go on an all-star season simply so viewers have the right to watch him run again.

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