On June 1, 2005, Dancing through the Stars premiered and the dance landscape was never the same. It's hard to think that the display started as a six-week, one-hour summer series designed to to fill the idle months till the large scripted shows premiered in the fall. Instead, it ended up being a phenomenon.

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More: What might Season 29 that 'Dancing with the Stars' watch Like?Six pros signed on for the reality competition display not learning what to intend from ABC. Louis van Amstel, Edyta Sliwinska, Jonathan Roberts, Ashly DelGrosso Costa, Charlotte Jorgensen and also Alec Mazo teamed up v Trista Sutter, Evander Holyfield, Rachel Hunter, Joey McIntryre, man O'Hurley and also Kelly Monaco for an adventure that a lifetime.

Tom Bergeron organized the present alongside Lisa Canning, who just stuck about for one season. Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and also Len Goodman occupied the judges' seats while Harold Wheeler performed the in-studio orchestra.

More: How Henry Byalikov made the transition From 'DWTS' come BroadwayThe premiere attracted over 13 million viewers, which grew to 15 million viewers by the 2nd week because the show became watercolor talk. It finished the summer as the No. 1 present of the season and also easily choose up a second season order indigenous the network.

General Hospital star Kelly Monaco won the Mirrorball Trophy through Alec Mazo, yet the victory was disputed by fans of john O'Hurley, who cut an elegant number out ~ above the run floor with companion Charlotte Jorgensen. The outcry was generated since viewers assumed there was alphabet favoritism in ~ play. That dispute led to a dance-off in September 2005, wherein the winner was decided solely ~ above viewer votes. The 2nd time around, O'Hurley won "by 1 percent the the 'millions' of votes cast."

Monaco would certainly return for the All-Stars version of the display in Season 15, wherein she come in 3rd place v pro Val Chmerkovskiy. Her dancing to be even far better the 2nd time around.

The success that Season 1 permitted a 2nd season to happen just month later. Season 2 the DWTS premiered on Jan. 5, 2006 through 10 couples, six new pros, a 90-minute Monday show and also a one-hour Tuesday results show. V success firmly in hand, the TV legacy for Dancing with the Stars began.

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