The three finalists danced an encore routine and also an immediate cha cha in Tuesday"s season 11 outcomes finale



Jennifer Grey and also Derek Hough are your season 11 winners the Dancing v the Stars. That saw the coming? Everyone! Literally anyone who had tuned in for even one illustration all season this would certainly happen. Blind world! The homeless! Babies! and also to think a ruptured key in Jen’s back — uncovered yesterday morning during rehearsals in ~ a pile of false eyelashes and also studded chiffon — practically kept she from performing her final two dances. “Not top top this planet!” said Dr. That Cares If You never ever Walk Again, the chef attending in ~ Mirrorballus Medical.

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Congratulations to the happy couple! “This trip was the gift,” Jennifer said ~ the show. “Saying yes was the gift. Gaining Derek as a partner was a substantial gift.” Runner-up Kyle Massey eventually chimed in: “I just want pizza.”

Jennifer’s win marked a three-peat because that Derek, the lone 1990s-era Chicago Bull in the swashbuckling secure of our Pros. “It’s heavy, right?” Derek pretended come ask Jen together he lifted the coveted MIRRORBALL TROPHY just past her reach. That couldn’t help himself! The confetti resource in the rafters was very magnetic and also just maintained pulling it higher and higher towards ballroom heaven. It to be a special magnetic ar reserved for novelty items composed of the lowest-quality negative-24-karat winter on the market. Only the best on DWTS!

Earlier in the show, third-place finisher Bristol Palin had actually announced that a success would be favor “a huge middle finger to every the human being out there that hate mine mom and also hate me.” for this reason it’s confirmed: What yes, really matters ~ above this present is the dancing.

I took pleasure in this classic exchange in between Our Hosts simply after Jennifer announced her many recent medical malady.

Kyle, Bristol, and also Jennifer danced double so the judges might pretend there was still suspense in the air because that a topic various other than “Will Jennifer live?” First, Kyle and Lacey brought ago their tango. Through his abs, Kyle earned a 26. Bristol and Mark tangoed, too. 25! Bristol made decision it was worth it to break the hold again and whip she hair about for a seconds in the middle of the routine. Bruno stated this was the run that had actually earned she a place in the finale. (?!). Len set it out in layman’s terms. “ acquired the wow, however you’ve obtained the how,” the assured Bristol. Oh, Len. How? Jen and Derek book-ended their journey (and the two-part season finale’s Dirty Dancing quota) with a repeat of main 1’s Viennese waltz collection to “These arms of Mine.” Perfect 30!

Both the encore performance round and the instant cha cha round to be tedious and uneventful, yet I did uncover the “use” of the red velvet-lined Mirrorbowl exceptionally gratifying. An initial of all, that point is huge. Ns love to just watch Brooke fight it for fist in the celebriquarium. Its mere visibility is a win, no issue what. Brooke gestured to the Mirrorbowl slightly as soon as she announced through zero fanfare whatsoever that the contestants’ upcoming immediate cha chas would be collection to “Raise your Glass” by Pink. Friend guys recognize that song? everyone nodded, sure, sure, we’ve been casually mindful of it because that days. For this reason the only suggest of having the Mirrorbowl over there at all was for this reason the contestants could “draw” dance orders native it. Jennifer completely overshot what should have been a straightforward move and dramatically stuffed the envelope down her dress. Deserve to you reprimand her? The Mirrorbowl is therefore big, so red, so desperate because that action. (Much prefer Bristol’s fringed cha cha pants.) “In season 12, we’ll display you an imaginative places come hide her mirrorballs,” Tom promised. What a tease.

The prompt cha cha round was all around the costume choices. Lacey went through a full-length lace bodysuit that could have garnered them countless vielafilador.neter votes if she’d worn the on Monday (hey, girlfriend never understand — why not be generous? it’s the finale! and it’s Thanksgiving!) so to wear that this late in the game struck me more as simply a soft f— you come Len. Love it. Jen had changed into she gold fringed pants, which I must love top top principle since hello, fringe, yet seriously? You’re about to it is in pictured hold that gigantic knob of glitter and you can wear anything because that these pictures and you go v fringed pants? Madness! Bristol likelafilador.netise tried the fringed pants, in red. She walk much far better in this round than ever before before, probably due to the fact that the idea of never having actually to remember measures in prior of millions of haters ever again had sent she to a relaxed state the 100% Pure Chillax. Great for her! Still, the contrast between Bristol and also Jen’s fringed trousers was practically laughable. Even though Bristol did well according to she own unique standards, Bristol still can’t quite…dance, you know? therefore she candid looked choose a long-haired Elmo or some other sort the Muppet. Possibly Clifford? I recognize he’s no a Muppet, and also ugh, I can tell it’s going come seem choose I’m call Bristol Palin a dog. Really, I simply think it seemed favor she to be wearing a “creature costume” instead of dance clothes. I know you recognize what I’m talking about!

Kyle and Jen finished up earning the very same cha cha score: 28. Bristol gained a 27. Final suggest tally: Jennifer 118 / Kyle 110 / Bristol 104. ns giggled every time Brooke dubbed out another increasingly meaningless collection of numbers. Who cares? so what? cried delight Behar, somelafilador.nethere the end there. Then, finally, some progress, plot-wise: Bristol was removed with around 10 minute left in the show. Ns marveled in ~ the method Tom provided off a sense of government and good will while really saying for sure nothing at all. Look at this sentence! “The point that’s going come last with me, all the other nonsense aside: Here’s a young woman who gained into her truck, drove five days under to Los Angeles, and lasted all the way into the finale. Great for you.” No, good for you, Tom! the was stunning.

All that the season 11 Stars went back to earth Mirrorballus for an encore performance — other than Michael Bolton, who was to sing in London, and Audrina Patridge, who had come down through a nasty case of Didn’t Feel prefer Coming. It’s a sexually sent disease. Nah, I’m kidding. She was sick. Maybe her boyfriend was in the mood for Thai takeout rather of Mexican? I understand that’s why I never follow with on mine commitments!

We acquired our first glimpse of anyone — Stars and also Pros — in the opened number, set to Ricki-Lee’s “Cant Touch It.” The method the Harold Wheeler Ensemble seamlessly blended the DWTS theme track (“ba-ba-da-duh,” etc.) right into a piece of music developed in this decade my mind. I had actually to relafilador.netind my recording a times come truly appreciate it. As I did, I started to realize that the visual ingredient of this brilliance to be even an ext likely come stick in my head: Our pros sidling down the technicolor staircase in all your barely clothed glory. In ~ one point, they all did The wave over the railing, tossing their wild manes, or just giving an excellent face if they were men.

Do you have stairs in her house? There room stairs in mine apartment building, so the counts. I’m walking to just imagine Our pros welcoming me home every night end the next four lonely Mirrorballus-less months. I don’t think I’ll be able to assist it, to be honest. The idea has actually now to be planted in my Jell-O brain. It’s okay! I’ll love it! their enthusiasm and delight to see me will never wane! Annie! You’re residence again, that’s great. We love you! Is that a oversize party of red alcohol you’re holding? You want a tiny of this, you want a little want a little of this?

Well, yeah, Our Pros, if you’re going to it is in on my staircase every night and I can involved rely on girlfriend even during the tough times….yes. YES, ns DO! I recognize I can’t touch it. I can handle it. Lug it on.

My favorite dance from the returning Stars: Fox vs. Warner. Pretty lot the only notes I have from this segment are “Rick looks warm in this yellow and purple jersey,” though I do remember currently that the procedures on the technicolor staircase were also purple and yellow for Rick, red and also white for Kurt. (The steps settled back into a “traditional” purple-red poly blend for the remainder that the dance.) Anna and Cheryl to be the genuine stars here, v their hilariously tacky lengthy half-gowns in the team colors. (Reader Lola it is registered a Tuesday hidden gem: “Anna had actually a fake tramp rubber stamp — lower back tattoo — of Kurt’s NFL number.”) A chest bump here, a back-to-back attitude there, and Kurt and Rick ultimately earned a was standing ovation from the judges. Big surprise: Bruno can’t record a football. Did anyone else think the cardboard cutout of cut Warner looked a lot like Corky?

Funny females Florence Henderson and also Margaret Cho reunited with their partners Corky and Louis, and also then Dmitry and also Damian showed up out the nowhere simply to assist out through a half-assed cheerleading formation at the end. Awesome. By the way, I witnessed Margaret Cho carry out at the York Comedy Festival and also she was amazing. Yapped about DWTS for 10 minutes appropriate off the bat. I mean neither Cho no one Flo had actually the time or inclination (or probably they just weren’t in demand) to pre-tape a segment on location so the they might magically show up in the ballroom, Jeff Probst ~ above Survivor finale night style, and resume dancing. David Hasselhoff and also The Situation to be both tapped ( to do this, to staggeringly cheesy effect. Sitch now works in the Jersey Governor’s office. The enjoys consistent photo ops with President Obama and also having a sexy secretary named Karina, whose office-managing strategy entails climbing right into their Time device and blasting off right into DANCE anytime duty calls, which is always. Oh, and also Hoff relived his Baywatch days. Exact same slow-motion sprint, currently with man boobs. Classy.

I to be glad Brandy and Maks came back to run the quickstep, and also glad they didn’t feeling the must rehash everything in an on-air Anyone who wants to hear Maks to speak “This is bulls—” around the season in general knows to simply listen to the TV Insiders podcast anyway! The pair’s quickstep to be light and fun, and I love Brandy’s beautifully peaceful smile in ~ the finish as castle hugged for days. Runner-up feel-good moment of this segment: That man to Maks’ appropriate after he ultimately released Brandy native the hug was just beaming to it is in in his vicinity.

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Christina Aguilera graced the ballroom v performances of “Show Me exactly how You Burlesque” and later “Beautiful,” finish with signing back-up dancers. Where was Cher? I just care around Cher, Burlesque-wise. Christina and her gold-fringed dancers (decoys! every one of them! not Our Pros!) gave a convincing, almost cautionary demonstrate of what dancers can do to do it not safe for the judges to in reality be seated at their pre-established judges’ table. In particular, I’m trying no to imagine DANCMSTR Len Goodman sitting over there helplessly as 10 gyrating Koosh balls with huge weaves implored him come “Get the up! obtain it up!” The horror!

I’ll leave you DANCMSTRs through a sprinkling that’s ‘DWTS’ hidden Gems the the mainly — Tom Bergeron’s favorite repertoire of reader-submitted ridiculata in all the virtual land!

“Jennifer kissing Brooke’s shoulder in a weird moment of affection. Is over there something girlfriend girls want to share with us?” —Anthony, endorsed through Jen, nikki, glenn

“Anyone see as soon as they cut to the judges after Kyle’s foxtrot the disembodied fingers splayed in a ’10’ in the foreground?” —LAG award Winner, endorsed through Jamie0415

“EAL was wearing all of her wristbands from the season! top top the same wrist!” —A, endorsed through Enthusiastic Comment Lady, Marc, and’s Activia Fairy

Farelafilador.netell because that now, DANCMSTRs, and also thank friend for reading my recaps therefore religiously this season. It is a religion, you know. Your instincts were correct! mr Mirrorballus has actually commissioned twice-weekly 2000-word jumbles from yours truly from his perch atop a sparkly throne on high (emphasis on high) because that years. Why wouldn’t He execute that? He’s trippin’! Aren’t we all.