Three closely-matched couples head right into the last stretch through one last dance, leaving one standing at the end of the fourteenth cycle.

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Dancing with the Stars switched gears a bit for the 14th season finale. Rather of dismissing the third place couple early in the episode, all finalists — Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd, william Levy and Cheryl Burke, Katherine Jenkins and note Ballas — had the possibility to run one last time … after ~ rehearsing through many of the two-hour broadcast.

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So, uneven the viewers and those of us in the studio, that means they missed the end on the obligatory marathon that performances from their felled competitors. And also in a true screen of humility (and respect because that contracts) every among them returned to the ballroom floor.

There were the time-fillers — nobody really needed to see an encore that the Gavin DeGraw‘s elimination-worthy Samba — but there were much more than a couple of satisfying standouts. Sherri Shepherd, filling a season’s precious of gyrations into one dance, danced come “It’s rain Men” while lot of the male ensemble flanked she giggly lip-syncing and also Tony Dovolani and Maksim Chmerkovskiy descended from the ceiling like Tom Cruise in a music adaptation that Mission Impossible.

Maria Menounos‘ return was a small bittersweet. The Extra organize came ago with partner Derek Hough, simply a mainly after their surprising elimination, delivering a perfect repeat power of their Argentine Tango. She would have fit ideal in throughout the carefully matched finale.

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And what a close enhance it’s been, eh? after a Monday the awarded practically all 10s — only Jenkins and also Ballas managed to protect against a single 9 — all three final dances garnered a perfect 30.

That left the last standings the Jenkins in very first with 90 points, followed closely by Levy and Driver, each v 89. The judges to be split. Carrie Ann Inaba said it to be Driver’s to lose, Len Goodman ongoing his project for Jenkins, and also when Bruno Tonioli finally discovered his words, that yelled them an extremely affectionately in the direction that Levi.

Unfortunately for him, and also Levi’s adorable, sobbing son, the Cuban-American actor that was greeted to estrogen-fueled screams every season became the first to go.

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After one critical taunting commercial break, a jubilant and hysterical Driver, the environment-friendly Bay vast receiver and all-around charmball, snatched the prize far from a very gracious Jenkins. The couldn’t really say much, because he was just that thrilled.