Week 10 kicked turn off the semi-finals the Dancing through the Stars with 5 remaining couples left in the competition.

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Tonight, the stars and also their agree partners performed 2 dances every — including a “redemption dance,” where they obtained a 2nd shot at their lowest scoring dance format from the season — come a range of fight songs consisting of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”.

Read top top for every the highlights from episode 10 including who went residence in the most shocking remove of the whole season.

Lauren Alaina’s an initial dance

Despite gaining her highest scores of the season critical week, she still landed in the bottom two. So tonight, she and also pro partner Gleb Savchenko were all set to carry out their redemption dance. Dance the Paso Doble to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” she showed significant improvement contrasted to her first Paso, which took place during Week 2.

Len dubbed it a “terrific routine” and “so lot improved” indigenous the first time around. Bruno agreed, saying it was “so much stronger, an ext centered. I’m telling you, great, great job.”

The country singer earn 9s throughout the board, totaling 27 the end of 30 because that her an initial performance.

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Kel Mitchell’s first dance

The All That star danced the Tango to “Get Ready” by The Temptations as his redemption performance together with pro partner Witney Carson. He formerly performed the Tango together his very very first dance that the season, which Bruno claimed was a little too “jumpy.” yet his latest version of the dance style seemed to be a lot an ext in line through expectations.

Bruno was specifically pleased, calling that a “pure, real, ideal Tango.” Carrie Ann Inaba agreed, saying he has come the furthest of all the final contestants. “I thought it to be fantastic,” she said.

The actor earned 9s across the board, totaling 27 out of 30 because that his very first performance.

Ally Brooke’s first dance

The popstar and also her pro partner Sasha Farber got two perfect scores critical week, yet not all of her performances were as perfect. For she redemption dance, she carry out the Viennese Waltz, i m sorry she originally performed in week 2. Len called her that she needed to job-related on she framework and also footwork in order to understand the challenging dance style—and he was really pleased through the results.

“I assumed it to be a beloved dance. Much much more rotation 보다 we observed the first time around. The method was far better,” he said, adding that she’s gone from a caterpillar come a butterfly. Bruno dubbed the power a “joy” to clock while Carrie Ann included that ally is a “magical performer” due to the fact that she dances v such solid emotion.

The singer earned two 10s and a 9, totaling 29 out of 30 because that her an initial number.

Hannah Brown’s very first dance

The truth star grinned once she discovered out she was performing the Rumba together her redemption dance which she originally performed in week 3. In the original performance, Carrie Ann claimed the run looked much less like a Rumba and much more like a “cheerleading dance,” therefore Hannah plainly had she work cut out for her. Throughout rehearsals, the former Bachelorette broke down in tears together Carrie Ann tried to offer her critiques on exactly how to improve. Hannah ended up explaining to Carrie Ann the she felt attacked by she critiques, saying that they feel very “personal.”

Hannah’s emotions finished up do Carrie Ann choke up, “That renders me sad. I’m sorry. Due to the fact that that’s no what we’re below for. My task is to aid you,” she said. “That’s why I decided the Rumba together your redemption dance. I really want you to have this emotion of redemption and winning.”

After the performance, i m sorry she performed to “Dancing v a Stranger” by Sam Smith and Normani, Hannah apologized come Carrie Ann for obtaining emotional throughout rehearsals. She didn’t desire her emotions to come across as “dismissive” the Carrie Ann’s critiques, together she construed she was simply trying to aid her it is in a much better dancer.

And she did end up being a much better dancer, which was proven v the latest critiques. “You improved a heck of a lot. I’m really proud of you, Hannah. Well done,” Carrie Ann said. “You definitely got those hips and body working to her advantage,” Bruno added.

Overall, she deserve a 27 out of 30 for her very first performance.

James van Der Beek’s first dance

The Dawson’s Creek star danced the Cha Cha as his redemption run to “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai. If the method was strong, Len wasn’t too pleased through the quantity of “gimmicks” in the dance.

“There was too much messing around throughout the dance. Ns don’t desire to it is in the nasty guy,” Len said as the crowd booed.

Bruno likewise called out a couple of critiques, saying that the timing was off several times throughout the dance, when Carrie Ann claimed the performance was “entertaining” however his posture needed work.

The actor pulled in a much lower score than he’s provided to — 24 the end of 30.

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Lauren Alaina’s 2nd dance

The country star danced the Viennese Waltz as her final performance that the night come “Humble and also Kind” through Tim McGraw and also pleased the judges through the dance.

“So sophisticated, therefore classic,” Bruno stated of the performance, prior to calling the end the chemistry in between Lauren and Gleb.

This performance earned 27 the end of 30, bringing her all at once total come 54 the end of 60.

Kel Mitchell’s second dance

The gibbs danced a modern-day performance to “I Will constantly Love You” by Whitney Houston for his second dance that the night. The track holds a near and also dear place in his heart, as he opened up up about losing a friend to pistol violence.

Bruno praised the star for his fluidity, ease of movement, and also sincerity in the performance. “Whatever happens, you’re a winner in my eye,” he said.

Carrie Ann was fighting back tears end the performance, saying that it’s a dance that stands out amongst all 28 periods of the show. “You phone call a story and also express her feelings. Friend share your truth. It to be riveting, it to be pure and also I am so grateful,” she said.

Len didn’t need to use his words come express himself, he merely stood up from his chair to give Kel and Witney a was standing ovation, prior to the pair earned a perfect score.

Ally Brooke’s 2nd dance

The singer danced the Charleston come “Sing song Sing” by Benny Goodman — and also she really felt the pressure going right into the performance. But it turns out, she had actually no factor to stress, as she completely nailed the high power dance.

“If her goal to be to set out come prove the you have to be in the finals, take into consideration it DONE,” Carrie Ann said. “That was a really hard, athletic routine.”

“It to be fast, it was fun, it to be fabulous,” Len added.

The energetic power earned the singer a perfect score, bringing her full to 59 out of 60 for tonight.

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James van Der Beek’s 2nd dance

It was Week 4 as soon as James revealed that he and also his wife Kimberly to be expecting their sixth child, but tonight, we learned that they’ve sadly shed the baby. “The small soul we had expected come welcome right into our household took a faster way to everything lies beyond,” he claimed through tears. I really didn’t think I’d be dancing tonight, however Kimberly from she hospital bed said, ‘I’m no done watching you dance."”

Dancing the Foxtrot come “Take Me come Church” by Hozier, which has actually taken on a totality new an interpretation for that this week. “When indigenous fail, girlfriend sing. Once they room no words, girlfriend dance,” the said, prior to dedicating the performance to his wife.