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FANS the Dancing through the Stars space slamming NBA star Iman Shumpert for staying on the display while former Real Housewife Kenya Moore was sent out home.

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Iman obtained a perfect score because that his US-inspired power with partner Daniella.

Meanwhile pan have likewise taken to social media to slam Cheryl Burke and also Cody Rigsby's outfits, when praising Jojo Siwa together killer clown Pennywise during the show's fear night.

"I’m simply mad castle dressed Cheryl in something an ext unflattering 보다 Tyra… it reminds me that those 70’s jumpsuits males wore in ~ GAS STATIONS," claimed someone on Twitter.

They have additionally slammed the show's judges for offering Kenya Moore scores the eight while giving The Miz nines.

"So Kenya gets straight 8’s yet the Miz got at the very least two 9’s… this wherein my eyes start to twitch," claimed one Twitter user.

"The Miz really got a happen for his weak technique but Kenya was penalized because that transitions as soon as she plainly dance much better make it make sense," included another.

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Fans can vote throughout the live broadcast of the show's fear Night for the couple they desire to continue to be in the competition.

Judges will remove the couple with the overall lowest combined viewer votes and judge scores.

Meanwhile, Olivia Jade shut under rumors sustained by a tiktok user, who asserted Olivia and also her dance partner were much more than friends. "It's literally just a run show and also we're simply friends," Olivia said.

DWTS will air tonight, October 25th, 2021, at 8pm ET on ABC.

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