Olympic gymnast Simone Biles isn’t simply the finest athlete in the people at her sport — she is likewise a pretty skilled dancer, and she can also do the in heels. The Ohio native completed in season 24 of Dancing through the Stars in 2017, therefore it provides sense to take a look ago at she nine-week insignificant on the collection as she heads to Tokyo to represent the United claims in the 2021 summer games.

The starlet to be partnered through pro Sasha Farber throughout her time top top the series. Throughout their nine-week run as a duo, they performed in several classic dance styles, including the Foxtrot, the Tango and the Rumba, and also freestyle and contemporary.

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Simone additionally came under fire the season for no smiling during performances or judges discussions. “Smiling doesn’t victory you yellow medals,” she called the show’s host, Tom Bergeron, after ~ judges discussed her facial expressions during week eight of the competition. “I feel like I am trying, i am being honest, however if castle don’t view that, i don’t know what more I deserve to do,” she later on told entertain Tonight. “I had actually tears in my eyes,” she explained. “I nearly ran to the bathroom at one point, however I traction it together.”

Simone and also Sasha finished 4th in the competition. “We heard everyone, and also I think anyone a small bit shocked,” the Olympian called E! simply after being got rid of from the competition. “Sometimes friend don’t know .”

The SK-II spokeswoman additionally told the outlet that the suffer on the present taught her a lot. “Yes, this is a journey the I’ve embarked on, and also I’ve done things,” she added. “I’ve never danced in heels, never ever danced v a guy, so ns feel like I’ve won a lot. I’ve won a friendship for life . I’ve to be non-stop because the Olympics. I’ll have a main off.”

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Simone isn’t the very first Olympic gymnast to try her hand at the DWTS world. Teammate Laurie Hernandez winner season 23 the year prior, while an additional teammate Alexandra Raisman also finished in fourth place during season 16 in 2013.

Scroll with the gallery below to check out photos that Simone throughout her nine-week stint on Dancing through the Stars in 2017!