For countless Dancing through the Stars fans, learning that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews hadn"t been asked back to cohost season 29 this loss came as a vast surprise.

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Tom was first to break the news, tweeting on July 13 the ABC had actually "just informed" him that the present would be proceeding on there is no him. " It"s been an incredible 15 year run and the most unexpected gift of my career. I"m grateful for that and for the lifelong friendships made. The said, currently what to be I claimed to do with all of these splendors masks?" the wrote.

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Just educated
DancingABC will certainly be continuing without me. It"s to be an significant 15 year run and also the most unexpected gift of mine career. I"m thankful for that and also for the lifelong friendships made. The said, now what to be I supposed to do with all of these sparkle masks?

— Tom Bergeron (
Tom_Bergeron) July 13, 2020

Erin also graciously embraced ABC"s decision. "I will constantly cherish mine days on that set, even if ns wasn"t the finest at go in heels," she wrote on social media a day later.

While viewers adjusted to the initial shock, the network automatically made another big announcement: Tyra Banks would certainly be season 29"s solo host and also a new executive producer top top the show.

Of course, Tyra"s past hosting credentials ~ above America"s following Top Model and also America"s gained Talent make she an interesting pick because that the gig. Yet still, some fans space left wonder why abc opted come say goodbye come Tom and also Erin every together.

Why did Dancing with the Stars fire Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews?

The most likely explanation? Ratings and also viewership numbers. While both room expected come decrease come a particular degree as the years go on, critical fall"s season 28 finale experienced its smallest-ever TV audience, 7.8 million, follow to The Wrap. What"s more, the season averaged 6.7 million viewers — through contrast, Dancing v the Stars in that is most well-known days offered to average an ext than 20 million viewers, according to

At the moment ABC made the announcement, the network asserted it was relocating in a "new creative direction," which likely means they want to switch things up to check out if the might aid revamp the show"s popularity and also re-energize viewers. ~ all, Tom had been on the show because its debut in 2005, and Erin joined six years ago.

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Who says grocery shopping isn’t enlightening? 🤣

— Tom Bergeron (
Tom_Bergeron) July 30, 2020

Executive producer Andrew Llinares newly elaborated on the decision. He stated at ABC"s Virtufall panel, according to US Weekly, that the display needed "to proceed to evolve."

"I think transforming the host was all around evolution, that was around making the present feel fresh, making that feel brand-new kind of do it reach out — maybe to a new audience and the audience that’s been there for years," the explained.

Andrew additionally talked around why he was in favor of bringing on Tyra and having one hold instead that two.

"I think it’s bring away it come a new pace, in state of relocating faster and also just feeling different. Ns think there’s a real danger as soon as a show’s to be on for a long time that the audience nearly gets boring of the rhythm. The doesn’t typical there’s something wrong with it. It simply sort of it s okay a tiny boring — the valuation of it. So, ns think it’s readjusted the valuation of the present in a really exciting way."

He continued to commend Tyra because that the "amazing job" she"s done so far, calling out her energy and expertise in the business.

Of course, one can"t skip Tyra"s incredible success as the creator and host the the CW reality display America"s next Top Model. Though the show has got backlash in current days because of a series of problem resurfaced clips, the insane popularity of ANTM in the early and also mid 2000s can"t it is in denied. Not to mention, Tyra also scored her own talk show, i m sorry garnered two daytime Emmys. Needless come say, Tyra to know what that takes come make good television — and also ABC recognizes she talent.

Meanwhile, Tyra is very humbled by the opportunity. Through Glamour, the supermodel acknowledged that she has "serious shoes to fill" as soon as it comes to replacing Tom and Erin. Signing on v Dancing with the Stars was a big decision, and also one she unfortunately obtained a many online flack for. While plenty of fans just expressed that they would miss Tom and also Erin, part went together far as to claim alphabet hired Tyra solely because of the recent Black Lives matter protests and also the reality that she is a black color woman.

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"It actually damages my feeling a little that people think that ns was hired since I’m a black woman," she called the outlet. " got to out to me many, countless months earlier before any of the unrest happened. And also it was something that I had to think around for a while due to the fact that I knew that there’s a lot of responsibility coming in to an institution."

She walk on to speak to Tom a "genius host," and said she wanted to make sure as soon as accepting the job that she can "bring other new" come the show.

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"It’s no my heavy-lifting executive-producing that America’s following Top Model," she clarified. "I’m coming into something that’s currently there and I’m making some tweaks."

When it pertains to the skeptics, Tyra implores lock to provide her a chance rather of rushing come judgement.

"I hope they say, "You understand what, I’m going to stick v this." Like, "Wow … i was wrong around that.""

As because that Tom and also Erin, we"re certain they"ll proceed to success in every little thing project they take it on next.

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