Wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin, daughter the the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, has actually captivated audiences v her expert partner, Derek Hough, ~ above season 21 the "Dancing with the Stars." Click with to meet the remainder of the run pairs.

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Backstreet young Nick Carter and pro companion Sharna citizen are additionally in contention in this season"s competition.

Reality and also producer Tamar Braxton doesn"t constantly like to monitor directions from agree partner and season 20 champ Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Still, your chemistry and also moves are placing them in contention.

Alek Skarlatos, one of the heroes who stopped a terror strike on a French train over the summer, is dancing v pro Lindsay Arnold.

hold Tom Bergeron, left, chats through Carlos PenaVega and also pro partner Witney Carson. PenaVega"s wife, Alexa, was additionally competing ~ above the display -- against him.

Alexa PenaVega is part of the very first married pair to complete -- versus each other -- in the dance competition. She to be professionally partnered with note Ballas and was voted off in main nine.
Singer Andy Grammer, center, and pro partner Allison Holker are displayed with Bergeron. That was removed in main eight.
teenager social media emotion Hayes Grier was paired through pro dancer Emma Slater. He was removed in week seven.
"Real Housewives" reality star Kim Zolciak Biermann, who was partnered with Tony Dovolani, had to leave the show during week three because of clinical issues.
winning jockey Victor Espinoza, that was partnered with Karina Smirnoff, couldn"t win through a human partner. He was voted turn off in week 2 of the show.
The "Dancing v the Stars" season 21 judges room Carrie Ann Inaba, left, Julianne Hough and Bruno Tonioli.
Braxton was originally thought to have pneumonia

She post a photo saying she had actually blood clots in both lung

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despite fighting through disease to do on “Dancing through the Stars” on Monday night, Tamar Braxton has had actually to pull out of the competition.

The singer had been hospitalized during rehearsals, purportedly for pneumonia, but returned to protect against being disqualified for no performing. Beforehand Wednesday, she posted a snapshot of herself in a hospital bed with companion Val Chmerkovskiy sitting alongside her.

’Dancing with the Stars’: Tamar Braxton returns from hospital to do

“After yesterday’s last #dwts performance ns went ago to the hospital (after the physicians didn’t want me to leaving in the an initial place) just to discover out that i don’t have actually pneumonia yet something way more serious and that is having several P.E.’s (blood coagulation in both political parties of mine lungs),” a portion of the caption read. “As girlfriend all know I will certainly be the very first to constantly encourage anyone to push through any kind of obstacle that comes along one’s way. But in this case, my health and wellness is my existing obstacle.”

She is the 2nd star to retract from the competition due to the fact that of illness this season.

In September, reality star Kim Zolciak-Biermann to be disqualified ~ she was unable come perform due to a mini-stroke led to by a blood clot.

’Real Housewives’ star Kim Zolciak has mini-stroke

fans will need to wait until next week to see exactly how the display deals through Braxton’s departure.

Chmerkovskiy had kind native for she after the display Monday, in i m sorry the pair to be critiqued on their dress rehearsal performance.

“I don’t really care around things that aren’t vital at the moment, and at the moment for me, the priority to be Tamar’s health and the situation,” that told E! News. “I’m no trying to hear critique top top a dance the was done with her half-conscious and caused she to be in the emergency room in ~ the moment. For me, that’s no what is important. I’m simply happy the she was all right and she had the ability to come earlier and complete out the show. She a trouper.”