If you’re a pan of Dancing through the Stars, you probably tune in every week to see which celebrity couple gets sent out home. Las vegas oddsmakers have actually been placing your bets with few of the fan-favorite couples. And, regrettably for pan of Real Housewives the Atlanta, Kenya Moore is predicted to be on the chopping block tonight.

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Kenya Moore is the following odds-on favorite to be eliminated on ‘Dancing through the Stars’

Kenya Moore is currently the odds-on favorite to be removed next on Dancing with The Stars, according to betting aggregators US-Bookies.com. Moore’s odds to it is in sent home next room 2/3 (60% comprise probability). She’s complied with by Imam Shumpert, who odds to be voted off following are 7/1 (12.5%). The data was based upon betting markets available by UK/European/worldwide operators regulated in jurisdictions where wagering on these props is legal.

Cody Rigsby is likewise a opportunity to it is in sent home next, follow to the oddsmakers. He has actually a 19-to-1 chance of being sent out home. WWE wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is also a favorite to it is in sent house — he has 16-to-1 odds. And also then, there’s Olivia Jade, through her 25-to-1 odds.

Go front be awesome by voting for me and
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— The Miz (
mikethemiz) October 25, 2021

Interestingly, Real Housewives fans can be amazing to find out the Kenya Moore has a 100-to-1 possibility of winning this season of Dancing through the Stars.

Previously, vegas oddsmakers thought Imam Shumpert would be sent home

“Imam Shumpert has actually held solid odds to it is in sent home for the past few weeks, but now it’s Kenya Moore who holds that honor, through Shumpert at a pretty remote second,” said a US-Bookies spokesperson. “In fact, Kenya Moore’s odds to be voted off next are the the strongest anyone’s had so far this season.”

That means that if you tune in to Dancing with the Stars tonight, there’s a great chance the Kenya Moore will be eliminated.

Furthermore, follow to US-Bookies.com, Jojo Siwa fans will be happy with their predictions. Siwa is a fan favorite on Dancing v the Stars. And she’s likewise a favorite amongst the vegas oddsmakers, as well.

Who has actually a great chance of win ‘DWTS’?

Jojo Siwa strengthened her position as the favourite to win this season, together her odds improved from 9/5 (35.7% include probability) to 13/8 (38.1%). She’s complied with by Amanda Kloots, who additionally improved from 4/1 (20%) come 10/1 (23.1%). Suni Lee follows, however her odds have worsened indigenous 11/2 (15.4%) come 7/1 (12.5%).

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It's walk to it is in a ⚡️dark and stormy⚡️ #HorrorNight, acquire your screams ready! #DWTS pic.twitter.com/DNYrwy6m3w

— Dancing through the Stars #DWTS (
DancingABC) October 24, 2021

“Suni Lee entered the season as the favourite to take home the Mirrorball Trophy, however her odds have actually worsened significantly since then,” states a US-Bookies spokesperson. “Meanwhile, Jojo Siwa and also Amanda Kloots have actually been nice close in the odds so far, for this reason we’re most likely to see either the the two win this season that Dancing with the Stars at this rate.”

It’s necessary to note, as a disclaimer, the these odds space for illustrative functions only. Additionally, wagering the this type is not at this time legal in any kind of U.S. State.

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