Glitz, glamour and also competition! Dancing v the Stars has some strong competitors for season 30, including JoJo Siwa, Iman Shumpert and Amanda Kloots. Keep analysis to watch the contestants’ scores this week and also who winner the mirrorball trophy!


The brand-new season kicked turn off on September 20 through judges Carrie Ann InabaBruno TonioliLen Goodman and previous pro dancer Derek Hough. Len formerly missed judging because that season 29 due to the fact that he was unable to travel from the U.K. To Los Angeles due to coronavirus restrictions. 

JoJo was one of the strongest rivals right off the bat, and she made history as the very first female celebrity contestant to be paired v a female agree dancer — Jenna Johnson

“For the first time in Dancing v the Stars history, i am dancing with an additional female, and I’m really, yes, really proud,” the Dance Moms alum said. “I came out in early on 2021, and also what i love to perform is make truly being that you are easier for kids.”

The YouTuber raved end her suffer on the run competition show after she standout performance during the premiere.

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“I can not even think that main 1 is over!!!
jennajohnson, ns couldn’t ask because that a far better partner! give thanks to you for acquisition me through this procedure while making that the most fun ever,” JoJo composed via Instagram. “The CREW on DWTS is for this reason amazing. The actors is all so fun! Making history and optimal score that the night was literally a dream come true for me. Follow every dream girlfriend have and believe in yourself. Recognize that i love you all, and also I am smiling so huge right now due to the fact that of you. Us did this.”

This season also marks the return that pros Witney Carson, who is paired through wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, and Lindsay Arnold, partnering through former Bachelor star Matt James.

Both ladies invited babies last year. Witney and husband Samuel Cusick are now parents come daughter Sage when Lindsay’s infant boy, Leo, has actually been maintaining her and husband Carson McAllister busy.

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“I’m for this reason honored to be back. I feel better than ever, a little more emotional but much better than ever,” Witney gushed during the premiere. 

Lindsay took to Instagram come share the she was “beyond excited” to it is in partnered through the Bachelor nation star, and also it felt “good” come be ago on stage. 

Other partnerships on season 30 include: Mel C and Gleb SavchenkoIman Shumpert and Daniella KaragachJimmie Allen and Emma SlaterMelora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev, Suni Lee and Sasha FarberCody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke, Amanda Kloots and Alan BerstenMartin Kove and Britt StewartKenya Moore and Brandon ArmstrongChristine Chiu and Pasha Pashkov.