Dancing through The StarsSeason 28 is in full swing, finish with a actors of brand-new stars, a pair of brand-new pros, and most controversially of all – a new voting and elimination method!

Big Changes in the ‘DWTS’ Ballroom

How execute I Vote?

For the very first time ever, there is no call-in voting, but there are two other approaches that have the right to be offered to support your favourite teams. The show describes the brand-new system choose this:

“Each Monday night, the live poll (via abc.com, the alphabet app and SMS/text) will be combined with the judges’ scores and also tabulated in real-time, with the bottom two revealed during the broadcast. And also for the very first time in DWTS history, voting has actually been readjusted this season where the judges will certainly decide i beg your pardon celebrity up because that elimination stays in the competition and also which celebrity’s journey comes to an finish … moving forward through each subsequent Monday night, the live vote combined with the judges’ scores will certainly be revealed throughout the broadcast.”


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‘DWTS’ Voting Online

Kel Mitchell and also Witney Carson ~ above Dancing with the Stars

To vote online, simply go to the“vote” page on the DWTS website throughout the live transfer (8:00 to approximately 9:50 pm east Time) and log in come your abc account (you can create an account using an email and password if you don’t already have one, and you will only have the ability to do so from an American IP address).

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Once logged in, you will be able to send up to 10 votes to each couple remaining in the competition.

‘DWTS’ Voting Via Text

Karamo Brown and also Jenna Johnson ~ above Dancing v the Stars

Unlike with the previous phone call call technique of voting, the number is the very same no matter who you space voting for; simply text the very first name that the celebrity you space voting because that (example,“JAMES”,“KATE”,“ALLY”, etc.) come the number21523. When again, you will certainly only have the ability to send up to 10 votes to every contestant every phone number you room messaging from.

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But Wait, What about The West Coast?

Sailor Brinkley-Cook and also Val Chmerkovskiy on Dancing v the Stars

Unfortunately, as result of the new nature of the remove process, those in the Mountain and also Pacific time zones will not have the ability to vote as the present is broadcast in their areas. However, if they log on come the website or message the number as the present is airing in the eastern and main time zones (so starting at 5:00 afternoon Pacific or 6:00 pm Mountain) your votes will still it is in counted in the direction of that evening’s results.

Ally Brooke and also Sasha Farber on Dancing v the Stars

Who room you rooting for this season ofDWTS? allow us know in the comments below!