The finale looked and felt prefer a big family reunion. The finalists — Riley and also Hough, Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff, and also Jack Osbourne and also Cheryl Burke — were joined by the eliminated actors members. Every ousted pair performed among their most popular routines during the two-hour finale.

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Tonight, the three continuing to be couples completed in the 24-Hour Dance blend contest, which forced them to combine two layouts they to be assigned at the finish of Monday's episode. This was especially difficult because each couple had much less than a day to choreograph and rehearse two entirely various routines. The scores native this run were added to Monday's totals and the viewer votes from critical night to determine the winner.

During the show's opening, Hough speculated the season 17's finale could be chose by viewer votes.

If any kind of pair had actually viewer votes to say thanks to for their survival in the competition, that was bill Engvall and also Emma Slater, who got the judges' lowest scores every week. The pair was sent residence Monday night.

Jack Osbourne and also Cheryl Burke earned 38 out of 40 clues for your Argentine tango during week 10. They space pictured below in mainly 9 that the competition.

As previous seasons have shown, the mirror sphere trophy isn't always awarded to the ideal dancer. Judges also tend come place good value top top the star who boosts the most during the competition. If that held true tonight, Osbourne would have won. That the finalists, he was the only contestant there is no a run background.

The finale included performances indigenous Enrique Iglesias, Lady Antebellum, Colbie Caillat and also Ylvis, whose track "What does the Fox Say" was used throughout a group dance this season.


Amber Riley is the winner of season 17 that "Dancing with the Stars."

Twitter voters determined to see Riley and Hough's freestyle power from Monday night, which included a step regime designed by the "Glee" star.

In a duty reversal, Riley taught Hough how to step and she walk not depend on him come lead, as she go in previous performances.


Corbin Bleu and also Karina Smirnoff earned a perfect score critical night for your rumba performance. The pair is pictured here during week 9.

"The truth that you obtained that out of the bag in such a quick time was simply incredible," Bruno Tonioli told the couple. He complimented bleu on his "flair for Latin" dance.

While it was fun to watch, it wasn't a finale performance. Bleu made remarkable blunders throughout the cha cha, i m sorry all three judges criticized.


Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke, pictured here during week 8 the the competition.

The pair danced the salsa/paso doble. Osbourne boosted on his timing, but chased the music at some points.

Inaba said Osbourne he was off throughout the salsa, however complimented his progress throughout the season.

Osbourne called Inaba that prior to last night, that didn't understand that salsa was something much more than a dip.

"Out of every one of the celebrities, girlfriend have provided me the best pleasure to watch," Goodman stated to Osbourne.


Derek Hough and also Amber Riley room seen right here performing during week 7 of the competition.

Riley and also Hough danced a samba/quick step regimen to "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher," to win the prayer of all 3 judges.

It was tough to believe that they had only a day come prepare your choreography, which was executed seamlessly.

"It was claimed to be a fusion, however you guys developed a whole new dance," Inaba said of their routine.

Jack Osbourne and also Cheryl Burke deserve 38 the end of 40 points for your Argentine tango Monday night. They are pictured here during week 9 of the competition.

The an initial star to be eliminated was Osbourne, who stated he never ever imagined he'd ever before make that this far in the competition. Bleu put second, i beg your pardon is the very same spot he gotten in tonight's competition.

After she to be announced as the winner, Riley stated she wanted to be motivation to human being of all sizes. She thanked Hough because that his support and encouragement, and also said she overcame plenty of fears through taking component in the competition.


Mark Ballas joined Amber Riley and Derek Hough because that a salsa routine during the trio round on mainly 9 that "Dancing with the Stars."

To faithful viewers the the show, it to be no surprised that the season came down to Bleu and also Riley. Both have actually topped the scoreboards every week. And while some would certainly argue your backgrounds in performing gave them an benefit in the competition, neither one had actually experience in ballroom dance.

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