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Kelly Monaco to be the very very first winner in 2005. alphabet

Monaco danced her method to the Mirror round Trophy v her partner, Alec Mazo, after fending off John O"Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen in 2005.

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Since win the show, Monaco is still certification on ABC's lovely soap opera, "General Hospital."


Monaco still stars ~ above "General Hospital." Getty

She"s likewise appeared in a couple of other TV series and movies.

Former 98 levels member and younger brother of Nick Lachey, drew Lachey won season two as the fan favorite.


drew Lachey won in 2006. WENN / abc

He and his dancing companion Cheryl Burke repeatedly racked increase high scores every the way to the finale, where he ultimately won by beating football player Jerry Rice and also partner Anna Trebunskaya in 2006.


Seeing the success of experienced football athletes ~ above the show, Emmitt smith joined the third season and took the Mirror sphere Trophy.

Emmitt Smith winner in 2006. ABC/Adam Taylor

While paired with Cheryl Burke, the star football player bested Mario Lopez in a razor-close finale.

Smith also came earlier to contend in the all-star competition. Getty

Today, smith is a co-owner together founder and also president Ben Davis that The Gents Place, an ultra-premium men"s grooming and also lifestyle club started in Frisco, Texas.

Apolo Anton Ohno winner in 2007. abc

Ohno was the an initial Olympic athlete come star on "Dancing through the Stars," formerly winning 2 gold medals during the 2002 and also 2006 Winter Olympic games when he competed on the present in 2007.

He's a well-known philanthropist. Getty

Today, Ohno is a significant philanthropist and serves together a distinct Olympics worldwide Ambassador.

INDY 500 winner Hélio Castroneves took the Mirror sphere Trophy with partner Julianne Hough in season five.

Hélio Castroneves winner in 2007. WENN / alphabet

The pair defeatedformer Spice girl member Mel B and also partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy in the finale in 2007.

He's still a race automobile driver. Reuters

Hecurrently lives in ft Lauderdale, Florida with his wife and also daughter.

Kristi Yamaguchi winner the sixth season of "Dancing through the Stars," becoming the 2nd Olympic athlete and 2nd woman to success the Mirror ball Trophy.

The Olympian now has her very own activewear line. Getty

You have the right to see piece from she brand, dubbed Tsu Ya, here.

Brooke Burke winner in 2008. MCNEAL/ABC

Two year later, she go on to end up being the show"s long-term co-host v Tom Bergeron from 2010-2013.

Today, Burke is involved with miscellaneous charities and also did a insignificant on "The new Celebrity Apprentice" wherein she was terminated during the 12th task.

Burke organized the display for 3 years. Getty

There to be some controversy during she time ~ above "Celebrity Apprentice"— namely, the fans didn"t favor the mindset of her husband, David Charvet.

At period 17, Olympic gold Medalist Shawn Johnson became the youngest champion top top "Dancing through the Stars" top top season eight.

Shawn Johnson won in 2009. abc

Johnson and her partner mark Ballas beat Giles Marini and also Cheryl Burke in the 2009 finale.

Today, Johnson is retired from Olympic sports, yet contributes to NBC's Olympic coverage of women's gymnastics.

She's currently married! Getty

In April 2016, she married previous Oakland Raiders player Andrew East.

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Former teenager idol Donny Osmond danced his way to the Mirror ball Trophy with companion Kym Johnson in season nine.