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Steve Wozniak left one impression top top the judges. alphabet apple co-founder Steve Wozniak really left an impression on the "DWTS" cast and crew once he competed in 2009 with pro Karina Smirnoff.

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"We cast Steve since he to be the many left-field booking imaginable," former showrunner Conrad eco-friendly told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015. "He go the many distinctive inter­pretation of the Worm ever before seen on any dance floor. Bruno Tonioli is quiet shuddering at the memory."


grasp P and Ashly DelGrosso. Adam Larkey/Walt Disney television via Getty images

Paired v pro Ashly DelGrosso, the rapper to be loved through the crowd — he to be so popular, that made it four weeks despite receiving the shortest scores every single time he contended in 2006.

That said, the show"s referee Carrie Ann Inaba counts him as one of her bottom-three worst celebrity dancers in the show"s history.

"I love him yet his dance … well, you know," Inaba told HollywoodLife in 2017.


Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani. Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney television via Getty images

When she completed during season 10, Kate Gosselin"s dance moves left lot to be wanted — she placed eighth in the compete — yet the fact star"s mindset was apparently what really set her partner over the edge.

Although they gave her credit transaction for trying also though she has actually no background together a performer, the judges criticized her moves every week, calling her dancing "pedestrian" and saying her moves frequently lacked passion.

Her dance partner, pro Tony Dovolani, said in 2012 that "there to be a most therapy involved" after he performed with Gosselin. He also joked that he wouldn"t contact what they walk "dancing."

The very first athlete on the show, Evander Holyfield, couldn't quite float choose a butterfly.


Evander Holyfield and also Edyta Śliwińska top top "Dancing v the Stars." Adam Larkey/Walt Disney tv via Getty images

The boxer, who completed on season among the display in 2005, also made Inaba"s perform of the worst stars ~ above the show. He danced with pro Edyta Śliwińska.

"He gets extra points because he to be the very very first athlete on our show... ," Inaba told HollywoodLife in the very same interview. "He went for it and also I provide him a most credit because that that."

David Hasselhoff to be voted turn off of the present in his an initial week.

David Hasselhoff and also Kym Johnson. Getty/Frederick M. Brown

The gibbs briefly showed up on the show with pro Kym Johnson in 2010.

The star was removed after his first week when he go a version of the cha-cha that judge Bruno Tonioli called, at the time, "a potpourri that insanity disguised together dance," according to The day-to-day Mail.

Actress Mischa Barton didn't love to dance and it showed.

Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev in 2016. Adam Taylor/Walt Disney tv via Getty photos

Partnered with Artem Chigvintsev, actress Mischa Barton was kicked turn off "DWTS" after just two illustration in 2016. She likewise didn"t it seems ~ to reap being on the show.

"I had no idea it would be for this reason bad," she called The Ringer in 2016. "I gained told off by my dancer."

"It was favor "The Hunger Games,"" she continued. "It was every a popular contest. It to be awful. Ns was so glad to get kicked off."

Geraldo Rivera seemed to right move during the 2 weeks he to be on the show.

Geraldo Rivera ~ above "DWTS." YouTube/Dancing v the Stars

His Donald Trump-inspired skit and also impersonation acquired him points because that creativity, but journalist Geraldo Rivera failed to "make dance good again," together he claimed he would once he competed in 2016. The performed with dance agree Śliwińska.

"Plenty the bravado, but I phone call you, outstanding — for all the not correct reasons," Tonioli said Rivera throughout an illustration of the show.

Kenny Mayne of ESPN was eliminated in the very first week of season two.

Kenny Mayne and also Andrea Hale on "Dancing with the Stars." Adam Larkey/Walt Disney tv via Getty images

Paired v pro Andrea Hale, the sporting activities journalist completed in 2006 and also received some harsh feedback around his moves.

The judges specifically couldn"t think of numerous nice points to say around his performance to "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer.

"It was choose Pinocchio chasing Jiminy Cricket across the room," judge Bruno Tonioli stated at the time. "You couldn"t have actually been much more wooden."

Kim Kardashian West had actually a hard time top top the show.

Kim Kardashian West and also Mark Ballas contended together in 2008. Michael Desmond/Walt Disney television via Getty photos

When Kim Kardashian West appeared on the present in 2008, she to be constantly criticized for her absence of enthusiasm.

The judges dubbed the fact star"s to dance "cold" and also said castle didn"t "connect" through her performances. She chalked increase her bad performance to shyness.

"To be ethical last week, i cried so difficult when I obtained home, just knowing this is SO tough for me and also I yes, really am trying — yet my inner shyness is making the look prefer I am just not trying," she created at the time, according to E!. "I think ns took it way too seriously and also I to be a nervous wreck on Wednesday."

Alongside partner note Ballas, she came to be the third person removed that season.

Her absence of skills and how much she no dancing later became a storyline on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Michael Bolton's jive was "the worst" judge Tonioli had ever seen.

Chelsie Hightower and Michael Bolton. Getty/ Michael Brown

In 2010, referee Tonioli remarked that agree Chelsie Hightower and musician Michael Bolton"s dance to be "the worst jive in 11 seasons."

At the time, Bolton claimed he wasn"t expecting "that level that disrespect" from Tonioli and also that he wanted an apology.

"Dancing with the Stars" producers later on said Tonoli shouldn"t be supposed to apologize for doing his job.

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"Bruno"s function as a judge is to give his moral opinions ~ above the top quality of the dances he"s judging, i beg your pardon is what he did in this case," the show"s producers said in a statement, per ABC.

"While us respect the feel of ours celebrities and dancers, we don"t feeling Bruno have to be meant to apologize because that doing his job."

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