Holidays in the southern are never finish without a deep-fried Cajun turkey. Drawn in by the promise of delectable, moist, savory turkey meat, deep-frying this standard Thanksgiving staple has actually grown to end up being an increasingly well-known tradition. Yet tempting, deep-frying a turkey is not as basic as the sounds, and also can actually be a highly lethal activity. If excellent the wrong way, the turkey have the right to explode, setup your whole house top top fire.

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Each year, at the very least 60 injuries, five deaths, over $15-million in property damage, and also the devastation of 900 residences are caused by deep-fried turkey accidents. Carry out you really want to become component of the statistics? In the video clip below, firefighters talk about just exactly how dangerous it have the right to be. Here’s why:

If that video clip alone isn’t enough to fear you into letting the pros take care of your turkey this year, right here are five much more dangers the attempting to DIY deep-fry her turkey:

Deep-frying a turkey is a several-day long commitment. Proper thawing time in the refrigerator have the right to take number of days, and thawing your turkey ~ above the counter rather than in the fridge can an outcome in salmonella poisoning. Salmonella and flu season do not walk well together.Deep-fat turkey fryers are exceptionally dangerous due to the fact that they operation a high danger of spilling hot oil, tipping over, and overheating; all of which deserve to lead come burns, fires, and other injuries. If also the tiniest amount of food preparation oil native an overfilled pot or partly frozen turkey touch the burner, the can an outcome in a substantial fire. At Copeland’s, we always make certain to follow the ideal oil displacement procedure.The lid, sides of the food preparation pot, and also handles obtain insanely hot, i m sorry can an outcome in harsh burns.If you don’t have thermostat controls, your deep fryer have the right to overheat the oil come the allude of recording fire (this usually happens approximately 400-425 degrees).Placing a frozen turkey in a deep fryer complete of high-temperature oil can result in huge flames climbing approximately 10 feet high. This is because once the oil boils the water that’s inside of the turkey, it causes massive amounts of steam, forcing the oil to cook over.

These are simply a couple of of the countless reasons why you need to let the experts handle your fried turkey this year. At Copeland’s, we fry our turkeys in peanut oil together a healthy alternative.

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Have a safe, healthy and balanced Thanksgiving this year and let us perform the work-related for you. You deserve to order among our famous, hot and fresh, deep-fried Cajun turkeys digital now and also pick that up in ~ a scheduled time that’s practically for you. Click right here to order!