WWE superstar Daniel Bryan showed up on April 21’s execution of “Monday Night Raw” just hours after the fatality of his father.

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Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Danielson, learned of his father’s passing shortly after returning from his honeymoon with brand-new wife and fellow WWE star Brie Bella. If the specific circumstances the his father’s fatality are unknown at present, a statement posted to WWE.com evidenced that it to be unexpected.

“WWE civilization Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan’s (Bryan Danielson’s) father has unexpectedly passed away,” the declare read. “Bryan was made conscious of his father’s pass after return from his honeymoon v Brie Bella. In spite of the news, Bryan has actually insisted ~ above performing for the WWE universe tonight (April 21) and also will it is in on Raw. WWE extends our deepest condolences come Bryan and his family.”

I"m very sad & proud that my brother in legislation
WWEDanielBryan His Father was a kind, generous, sweet guy and....... Pic.twitter.com/XIOSvVyv4f

— The Bella twins (
nicoleandbri) April 22, 2014

For the sake of story continuity, a “visibly emotional” Bryan showed up on life on Monday, wherein he met his mam in the ring, the Baltimore sunlight reports. The 32-year-old stuck around long enough for Stephanie McMahon come announce the he’d confront Kane in a complement at too much Rules, the WWE’s annual May pay-per-view event.

Kane then struck Bryan, delivering several of his trademark “Tombstone Piledrivers” to the WWE champ. ~ the attack, one “injured” Bryan left the ring ~ above a stretcher.

As the Baltimore sunlight notes, the WWE likely staged Bryan’s encounter v Kane in bespeak to enable him part time far from the firm to mourn his father in ~ the limit of his ongoing storyline. It shows up that Bryan will miss out on next week’s episode of Raw and also return to confront Kane at too much Rules.

And was so an extremely humble. If girlfriend met him friend knew the apple didn"t fall far indigenous the tree. Bryan definitely has his energy.......

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— The Bella pair (
nicoleandbri) April 22, 2014

Tonight that stood over there not just for every one of you, however for the storage of his father. The will always be remember. RIP Bud

— The Bella twins (
nicoleandbri) April 22, 2014
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