that Daniel Craig’s 5th go as Bond. He tells Men’s Journal why the latest (No Time come Die) is as difficult as the an initial (Casino Royale), as well as the diet, training, and also recovery ethics he adheres to to transform right into a bona fide superspy. — as told come Charles Thorp

Men’s Journal: over the years, a lot of your functions have forced physical prowess. What renders Bond, or an ext specifically No Time come Die, different?

Daniel Craig: In my experience, training for a link movie is completely unique. If i can, I begin a year before we begin shooting and build slowly. I try to prevent the “last-minute” thing. You gain less injuries that way. Notification I to speak less!


Getting a glimpse at her ‘No Time to Die’ workout regimen, it’s very intense. Those the hardest part for you?

The real challenge is just gaining used come the routine. The day starts in the gym. Every day. It’s a round ache at first, yet it does acquire easier.

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What’s your diet like once you’re in the throes of heavy training?

Simple and very healthy. I carry out like to keep it as organic as possible, with natural ingredients when I can. Ns don’t perform a most shakes unless it’s automatically after a workout.

Do you carry out a lot of your stunts?

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by the best stunt people in the business. Lock the ones who take every the big risks. If there is a stunt ns think I can do, then i will. Remaining as supple as possible is the key—so no big weightlifting in the gym.


Everyone’s obsessed through recovery these days. Those your philosophy on it?

It’s simple. Plenty of sleep and also a good diet. There space sadly no tip or shortcuts. I have amazing civilization about me come guide, and without castle it would certainly be impossible.

You’ve been Bond because that 15 years. How has your technique to maintain changed?

As I get older, it certainly takes longer. But it’s all about putting the occupational in, to be honest.

So peak fitness because that you is preparing because that a bond picture. When you’re not filming a movie, what’s her gym routine?

It go without speak that continuous exercise is an excellent for you, however you have to acquire your head right into the gym together well! ns think mental health and wellness is an ext important 보다 physical health, because if her head is in the right place, a small exercise doesn’t feeling so bad. Yet for oh my god sake, don’t hear to world like me. Walk your very own path.


Want some behind-the-scenes intel on what that was like on an average day top top set? below you have actually it:

No Time come Die daily Drill

5:30 a.m.: Craig woke up at residence in London and also drove an hour come Pinewood Studios.7 a.m.: Preshoot physics prep through Waterson, which consisted of muscle activation and stretching.8 a.m.: Craig ate one energy-filled, anti-inflammatory breakfast.9 a.m. Come 7 p.m.: Filming began, with durations of activity and dialogue. There to be a stop for lunch, 2 snack breaks, plus sometimes 15- to 20-minute intermissions for Waterson to carry out recovery work (think stretching and also using a percussive tool).7:45 p.m.: Carb-heavy dinner and also debrief before Craig went back to London.

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10:30 p.m.: Last-minute manuscript work, and bed. Rest and also repeat.

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No Time come Die’s new release date is November 25, 2020

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