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When Daniel Jones was drafted No. 6 in its entirety in 2019, eyebrows were raised, glasses were substantially removed, laughs to be had. While experts considered Jones a so late first- or second-round prospect, the Giants took a very early possibility on a kid who looked choose he to be auditioning for the function of a Manning brother in a direct-to-streaming biopic.

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But the jokes easily subsided as soon as Jones looked a lot much better than a many of civilization expected him to look in the 2019 season, throwing because that 24 touchdowns and 3,027 yards in 13 games (12 starts) because that "Big Blue," and also showing flashes that made him look choose an upper-ceiling franchise passer. Unfortunately, Jones hasn"t to be able to rekindle the success since, with 2021 a do-or-die instance for the third-year QB.

Jones isn"t there is no his faults as a quarterback, including transforming the sphere over — that"s something the may have rubbed turn off on that spending time behind Eli on the bench in his rookie season — however the Jones-Manning family link goes a little bit deeper than just looking and playing like one. 


Daniel Jones and Eli Manning next by side

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Daniel Jones" link to Manning family

The connection between Eli and also Peyton Manning and also Daniel Jones starts v one man: current Duke head coach and football lifer David Cutcliffe.

When Peyton to be attending Tennessee in the 1990s, Cutcliffe to be the Volunteers" attack coordinator. In between 1998 and 2004, Cutcliffe was with Ole miss out on as the team"s head coach, wherein he coached up Eli Manning before he to be selected No. 1 as whole in 2005 by the san Diego Chargers.

After a short return to Tennessee, Cutcliffe ended up the head coach at fight it out in 2008, where he tho coaches today — and also Cutcliffe coached through the Daniel Jones tenure (2015-2018) in Durham.

The Cutcliffe link turned the end to be very an useful for Jones, that would build a connection with the Manning brothers: Jones would attend the famous Manning passing Camp in Louisiana, which that felt aided him as well.

"Being in the group, being with Coach Cut and the Mannings is one honor and something i appreciate really much," Jones said at the 2019 NFL Combine. "I think the preparation that I have been through with Coach cut I have actually been with at duke is miscellaneous that will prepare me well for this step, and also being may be to have the relationships I have with Eli and Peyton is other that"s been special about my procedure and i think something that will certainly help."

There"s other of a misconception the Jones and the Manning family members are exceptionally close. That"s no necessarily the case: The friendship in between Jones and the Manning boys seems to be strictly on-field, though there"s plainly a common respect in between the 2 parties.

After gift drafted by the Giants No. 6 overall, Jones sat beside Eli Manning top top the bench. Jones swiftly beat the end Eli Manning because that the starting job, and also Manning would retire complying with the 2019 season.

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In 28 games as Giants quarterback, Jones has been a mixed bag: He has actually thrown 36 touchdowns and also 6,237 yards, however has turned the sphere over 40 time in that expectancy (22 interceptions, 18 fumbles).