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Source: Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial SCholarship Foundation



Mike asked for her Purple Heart photo prior to going with Hell Week. What walk that typical to you?

If you experienced “Murph The Protector” I stated that it to be a surprise. I wasn’t rather sure what Michael wanted. The knew the there to be a photo of me sit in a hospital bed through a general pinning the violet Heart on me, and he asked if i still had it, and I claimed “Yes.”

I told him that my mother, his grandma, make a bunch of duplicates that I preserved in a for sure deposit box. He said, “Could friend send me one?” and that’s when I had actually asked that what he want it for, and also he claimed “Dad, if you acquired what you got through, ns can acquire through Hell Week. I want to have it with me for this reason that when things look like they’re getting challenging I can look in ~ it and also know, if mine dad could get v that, i can get through this.” What I assumed was the it was much more of a acknowledgment of my service and also my time together a combat wounded veteran, for this reason of course i was very proud the he felt the that was essential to that to hold onto in stimulate to gain through what he had actually to endure, which was a hell of a lot more than what I had actually to do.




During Hell Week, Mike had a instance of cellulitis and ended up virtually losing his foot. Does that dedication at all surprised you?

No, no at all. Michael always finished what that started, so that wasn’t a surprise at all. When he decided to enter the SEALs, we had made cite to him that “Michael, if you wash out we understand, that happens, the a very huge failure rate.” and also he said “That’s no going to take place Dad.” and also it’s funny the way he claimed it, he said “I don’t desire to be in jail.” and I said, "What perform you mean about that?” and also he claimed “Dad, if ns wash out I’m going to end up a surface ar warfare officer sit on part ship, and I’ll it is in the morale officer. I have actually no desire to it is in on a ship floating approximately on the ocean.” That’s not to placed surface warfare officers down, however that no Michael, Michael want to it is in in the thick of the action. So us knew he to be going to gain through it, and keeping v what Marcus Luttrell made recommendation to as much as navy Seals never quit.

What we were not mindful of was exactly how serious the was, like the documentary stated he nearly lost his foot, due to the fact that he and also his team throughout drown proof exercises.I don’t know if you know anything around the West Coast- ns was not aware of it- however the currents ~ above the west coast of the Pacific flow from southern to north, therefore they punch up indigenous Mexico, and also San Diego just is practically like a catch base. So the air pollution that it s okay dumped in by Mexico winds increase getting captured in the mountain Diego bay, and also apparently Michael and also his teammates, when they were obtaining dumped in the bay gained placed in a polluted area. And also they tie their legs together using bungee cords, since they’re claimed to be able to operate, if they require be, without gift able to use their legs. Apparently, the scraped the skin and allowed an epidemic to gain in and that’s exactly how a couple of them ended up with cellulitis. And also Michael to be so specialized to perfect his mission the he never pointed out anything. When they finally discovered out what happened, the actually had to be reduced out the his boots, and also then he gained rolled from course 235 to 236.


On the an obstacle of seal training.

The highest ranking Cadet Officer in Michael’s class was in reality killed throughout training.Of the one-hundred and also ninety-six guys that started the program with Michael, only eighteen graduated- four officers, consisting of Mike, and fourteen Enlisted Men. During Hell Week, sublievenant Skop passed away when he had actually a pulmonary embolism during drown proof exercises. And that’s how intense the cultivate and complicated the training is, and also I think if anyone to be to look, even after they come to be SEALs, ns think the one-third that the deaths in Naval unique Warfare regimen are throughout training accidents-whether it is a parachute the doesn’t open, or a diving problem. Two human being died during training in Arizona native gunshot wounds once they were training to go into houses before they talked about to Iraq. That an intensive and also dangerous course, and also when they to speak they space the point of the spear, they’re no kidding. That’s exactly what they are, and also they train like it’s active combat, and also that’s why it’s for this reason difficult. As far as why so plenty of wash out as soon as you have actually the greatest ranking cadet officer, who was a complete lieutenant in ~ twenty-nine years old, who was killed throughout training. It provides you part indication the how substantial and complicated the training is.

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How would you choose to watch the Lt. Mike Murphy Memorial foundation grow in the next few years?

So we’re growing pretty well already, us are almost at three-quarters of a million dollars. Clearly I would love to see someone come up through a couple of million dollars for the foundation, that would just provide us the opportunity to provide out an ext scholarships. Appropriate now, because that 2017, we space up to twenty-four scholarships. We’ve enhanced the penn State scholarship from five-thousand to twenty-five thousand, and also we’ve increased the hurt warrior scholarship from five-thousand come ten-thousand. I’d love for the foundation, if we had actually a lot much more money, to be able to expand that and be may be to offer a injured warrior a free boat, yet unfortunately us don’t have those type of funds. So us are absolutely growing. We began in 2006, and we grew really slowly. We had fifty-thousand in 2006, i think one-hundred-and-three thousands in 2007, and also once 2010 came we flourished in leaps and bounds, and now our full income is close come one-hundred and-sixty thousands dollars. Around seventy percent goes back out, so just thirty percent goes right into the funding to build, due to the fact that our objective is to offer out scholarships, no to do money. For this reason the much more money us get, the more scholarships us can offer out, which is what our ultimate goal is. And also I would favor to see Michael’s Foundation, because it dead his name, to it is in a significant foundation, instead of simply a local one.