Daniel Silva is an American award winning, bestselling writer of 21 thriller and espionage novels.

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Born in Detroit, Michigan, he to be awarded a BA from Fresno State and even started pursuing a master’s level in worldwide relations at mountain Francisco State University; a regimen which that left in 1984 ~ being available a temporary job as a journalist at United push International.

He began working top top his very first novel, The unlikely Spy, in 1994; through the novel debuting ~ above The new York time best-seller list three years later.

Silva is married come Jamie Gangel, a CNN unique correspondent who he met if the 2 were both correspondents in the center East.

Together they have actually twin children, Nicholas and Lily.

Non Series

The i can not qualify Spy (1996)

Gabriel Allon Series

The kill Artist (2000)The English Assassin (2002)The Confessor (2003)A fatality in Vienna (2004) Prince of Fire (2005)The Messenger (2006)The an enig Servant (2007)Moscow rule (2008)The Defector (2009)The Rembrandt work (2010)Portrait of a Spy (2011)The Fallen point of view (2012)The English Girl (2013)The Heist (2014)The English Spy (2015)The black Widow (2016)House of Spies (2017)The other Woman (2018)The new Girl (2019)

Michael Osbourne Series

The mark of the Assassin (1998)The Marching Season (1999)
The i can not qualify Spy
The kill Artist
The English Assassin
The Confessor
A death in Vienna

Winston Churchill wrote, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should constantly be attended by a bodyguard the lies.”

And because that Britain’s counterintelligence operations, a history professor by the name Alfred Vicary to be the perfect, unlikeliest agent they could think of.

Personally handpicked by Churchill, his mission is to search and also reveal the identification of a highly dangerous traitor.

But the Nazis likewise have an i can not qualify agent of their own. Catherine Blake may be a hospital volunteer and the stunning widow of a battle hero, yet unbeknownst to many, she is a Nazi spy under direct orders from Hitler himself.

She is ~ above a mission unearth the ally plans for D-Day…

Gabriel Allon, who at one point served as a an essential operative in mystery Israeli-intelligence missions, is doing his finest to forget his past; safety his days as a meticulous restorer that priceless works of art.

His tranquil life is yet disrupted as soon as he is recalled and paired with one more former agent that works together a French fashion model.

Their target is Tariq—a shrewd Palestinian zealot on one last killing spree and a man who play a dark part in Gabriel’s past.

A manhunt quickly escalates right into a globe-spanning duel powered by politics intrigue and extreme an individual interest.

Revenge is a deluxe that no man can afford!

Gabriel Allon, a diligent restorer that priceless functions of art and occasional Israeli agent, is sent to Zurich, Switzerland, to reclaim the painting of a diverted millionaire banker.

Upon his arrival however, he is shocked to discover the millionaire in a swimming pool of blood at the foot of his Raphael.

Furthermore, a covert collection that invaluable and illegally got Impressionist masterpieces is missing.

When Gabriel is educated by his handlers that the collector had actually been silenced, that is quickly thrust earlier into a high-stakes spy game that will test his judgment and intelligence against those of a rogue killer he helped to train.

In Munich, a Jewish scholar by the surname Benjamin Stern is shooting dead if entering his flat. The gunman mutters some Latin words then gathers the writer’s papers prior to leaving.

In Venice, arts restorer and Israeli agent Gabriel Allon receive news the the death of Stern as he cautiously uses a dab of paint on the Bellini. He instantly gets up and also leaves.

In the Vatican, a priest called Pietro restlessly thinks about the journey prior to him; the things he has actually discovered, and the adversaries he will make.

The journeys of all three guys will come with each other in the weeks the follow.

Gabriel Allon, an arts restorer and occasional spy, is in Vienna on a mission to uncover the fact behind the battle of an old friend. What he but encounters there turns his people on that is head.

It’s a familiar face that sends out him ~ above a desperate search for more; a find to find a name, a history, and a connection.

Each fact is followed by an ext unanswered questions. However when a picture begins come form, it transforms out come be more terrible than his worst nightmares.

A painting of angry spanning throughout sixty years and thousands the lives, the find for a solitary monster i do not care the find for many.

Returning come Venice after unmasking Erich Radek in A fatality in Vienna, Gabriel Allon is hurriedly thrown ago to into another mission once a deadly explosion rocks the Italian capital.
The bomb, i m sorry destroys the Israeli embassy, permits terrorists to lay their hands ~ above Gabriel’s dossier; one comprise his secrets and entire history.
Recalled earlier to the really service the turned his ago on, the former Mossad certified dealer finds himself chasing an evasive terrorist across a landscape soaked in generations that blood.

Art restorer and spy Gabriel Allona is top top the verge of facing the greatest difficulty of his entire life.

When a doubt al-Qaeda terrorist is killed in London, the Israeli intelligence team has actually every reason to believe that a terrible assault is targeting the love of the Vatican—thanks to photographs retrieved native the computer system of the slain terrorist.

A fatal manhunt for one of the many dangerous males in the civilization soon begins; one that sends out Allon and his colleagues throughout Europe to the Caribbean and also back.

But they no have sufficient time, nor enough facts, and enough happy to catch the men.

It’s then that Allon decides to set his trap…

Gabriel Allon, if in Amsterdam, to learn of a sinister plot about the kidnapping that the daughter of the American ambassador; with the abduction set to take location right at the heart of London.

The Israeli knowledge officer and also astute art restorer but doesn’t arrive early on enough to save her. This come at a price as he end up exposing his confront to the masterminds that the abduction.

Suddenly, Gabriel is recorded up in a race against time to conserve the woman, as the clock paint, etc nearer to she hour that execution.

Could a mission to save one more life cost him his own?

Moscow is crawling through oil wealth individuals and also choking with armored Bentleys, far from what it was during the Soviet days.

Power is once again found behind the walls of the Kremlin, and also detractors that the ruling class are mercilessly silenced.

But this has actually in turn given rise come a brand-new generation the Stalinists who space not only established to take earlier the empire, but likewise confront the united States.

One together individual is Ivan Kharkov, a former KGB handle in arms.

He is ~ above the verge of transporting Russia’s most advanced weapons to rather rightly the biggest foe the United says has, unless Israeli foreign intelligence certified dealer Gabriel Allon thwart his plans.

Gabriel is in Umbria enjoying his honeymoon through his brand-new wife, Chiara, and also working ~ above restoring a seventeenth-century altarpiece because that the Vatican once he receive some terrible news native London.

Grigori Bulganov, the defector and also former Russian knowledge officer, has actually mysteriously disappeared.

Whereas British intelligence rules that out as a double agent, Gabriel assembles his team the operatives to follow after those responsible.

Caught in a running battle across the globe however, the doesn’t take it long prior to Allon learns that his opponent holds the an important key come victory.

But Gabriel to know he must outwit the sadisitc Ivan Kharkov, as with he walk in Moscow Rules.

“Two families, one terrible secret, and also a painting worth killing for…”

Gabriel Allon"s idyllic life v his stunning mam Chiara in ~ the public cliffs the Cornwall is suddenly interrupted by a strange and mysterious art dealer native London that desperately requirements his help.

A portrait through Rembrandt has actually been steal in one act the left one arts restorer savagely murdered. Provided his experience and sharp witted nature, Gabriel is the only human who can help retrieve the Rembrandt.

As he tracks it across the globe, Gabriel comes to learn the the destructive secrets connected to the painting, and also the dangerous males who will stop at nothing to store it.

Gabriel Allon’s delightful autumn weekend through his wife in London is cut brief by a devastating pair that bombings in Paris and Copenhagen.

But as he looks to avoid a guy he suspects could trigger a third attack in Covent Garden, the spy and master art restorer is knocked come the pavement wherein he powerlessly watches together the disaster unravels.

Still considerably disturbed through the fresh storage of his i can not qualify to prevent the killing of numerous innocent people, Gabriel is summoned come D.C where he is actors into a lethal confrontation v the new face of an international terror.

An evasive American-born cleric in Yemen was when an legacy on the CIA payroll is at the love of the massacre.

Even worse is the this is just but the beginning…

Having made it through his previous procedure by the skin of my teeth, Israeli international intelligence certified dealer Gabriel Allon is restoring among Caravaggio’s finest works at the Vatican.

One morning, the human body of an attractive woman, who was a curator indigenous the antiquities department, is uncovered beneath the dome that Monsignor Luigi Donati—the all-powerful private secretary to his Holiness Pope Paul VII. Although the Vatican police believe it was suicide, Gabriel and Donati believe otherwise.

Avoiding one more scandal ~ above the Church, the monsignor enlists for the solutions of Gabriel who quickly unveils a dangerous mystery discovered by the woman.

A living embodiment that beauty and brains and also fueled to succeed by one impoverished childhood, Madeline Hart is a rising star in british government.

Madeline yet holds a dark secret; she is the secret lover of element Minister Jonathan Lancaster. So as soon as she mysteriously disappears in Corsica, it’s automatically clear that her abductors know of the affair and also want to do the many out of it.

Desperate not to damage his own career, Lancaster handles the issue privately it is in enlisting because that the solutions of Gabriel Allon—the Israeli spy, art restorer and assassin.

It’s one girl, seven days and no second chances.

Gabriel Allon is summoned by the Italian police if repairing an altarpiece in Venice.

Julian Isherwood, an arts dealer, has actually come across a murder scene in Lake Como, and also he is being hosted in custody together the major suspect.

The deceased, who occurred to be a spy, organized a dark secret: he to be trafficking in steal artworks and selling them come an unknown collector. And the above Nativity with St. Francis and also St. Lawrence by Caravaggio is amongst those paintings.

In order come prove the innocence of his good friend, Gabriel must uncover the many famous missing painting in the world.

But sometimes, the best way to find a steal masterpiece is come steal another one.

She is an above member that the British royal Family. Although she is begrudged by her ex husband and his mother, the Queen of England, she is admired for her beauty and charitable works.

When a bomb explodes aboard her holiday yacht, death her, British knowledge seeks because that the assist of Gabriel Allon, the legendary spy and also assassin.

Eamon Quinn, the evasive and skillful bomb device who selling his solutions to the highest possible bidder, is the guy on Gabriel’s sights.

But in bespeak to catch the mercenary that death, the will need the help of Christopher Keller—a british commando turned skilled killer who knows Quinn’s works like the palm of his hands.

Gabriel Allon, the legendary spy and art restorer, is on the verge of ending up being the next chief of Israel’s an enig intelligence service.

He is but thrown earlier into the field on the night of his promotion as soon as a substantial ISIS bomb explodes in the Marais ar of Paris.

Desperate to capture the fatal killer before he strikes again, the French government hires Gabriel to death the male responsible.

The man in question is Saladin; a mastermind terrorist who is favor a ghost.

In his final operation, Gabriel has actually no option but to attitude a brave and also stunning agent together an ISIS recruit in waiting.

Barely 4 months after ~ the 9/11 terrorist assault in America, one more attack takes place; this time round throughout the Atlantic whereby it leaves a trail of destruction throughout London’s glimmering West End.

Although the assault was meticulously planned, it leaves one important trace behind.

The clue leads Gabriel Allon and his colleagues all the method to the southern component of France, and also to the doorstep that Jean-Luc Martel, among the richest males on the land.

Olivia Watson, Martel’s beautiful companion and also former brothers fashion model, but forms one improbable partnership with Gabriel in a union that will certainly go a long means in the worldwide war versus terror.

The KGB once inserted a mole into the heart of the West, and also the mole was standing on the sheet of absolute power.

Gabriel Allon, ours beloved arts restorer, feared killer and also current chef of the Israeli an enig intelligence service, is the only one qualified of uncovering the conspiracy.

When his many trusted asset inside Russian intelligence is heavy murdered when attempting come escape come Vienna, Gabriel engages in a desperate hunt because that the traitor.

Given his previous background with the Russians, Gabriel will step up against them in a last showdown; one that could seal the destiny the the postwar global order.

A an enig raven-haired girl is dropped at an exclusive exclusive school in Switzerland every morning in a motorcade likened to the of a head of state.

Many believe that she is the daughter of a wealthy international businessman, as soon as in truth, she is the daughter of Khalid bin Mohammed—the crown prince the Saudi Arabia.

At one time loved for his bold social and religious reforms, the is currently condemned for his function in the killing of a nonconformist journalist.

So as soon as his lover daughter—who is also his only child—is abducted, there is only one male that the crown prince deserve to turn come for aid before it’s too late.

But what’s currently done can not be undone…

Panic and confusion takes end the CIA as soon as a advertisement airliner, trip 002, is blown out of the skies off the East coast by a terrorist bomb.

Only a solitary clue is discovered near the crash site. The bears three bullets to the face—the psychic calling map of one elusive, deadly assassin.

CIA officer Michael Osbourne personally knows the markings. Driven by a heat that endangers to destroy his career, his family, and also his life, Osbourne is established to record the killer now more than ever.

But in a floor of shadows, lies and cover-ups, the CIA officer renders himself and his loved ones targets the the most merciless and also fiendish assassin ~ above earth.

Northern Ireland, a land devastated for centuries by religious and political conflict, is disrupted one night by 3 barbaric action of terrorism.

The actions space committed by a renegade team of good news extremists whose goal is come sabotage the peace, and ensure the Ulster forever remains component of the united Kingdom.

Michael Osbourne, now a retirement CIA officer, return to the company after Douglas Cannon, his father-in-law and former U.S. Senator, is nominated as the brand-new U.S ambassador to London.

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When Michael finds out that the protestant gunmen desire to assassinate the brand-new American ambassador, that launches a deadly dispute of wits and deception; one that will not only determine whether the tranquility in north Ireland will survive, but also seal the fate the his father-in-law.