Last updated on July 20, 2021 new York times bestselling writer Daniel Silva is the writer of the well-known Gabriel Allon spy thriller series. If you like spy thrillers, friend will want to pick up and also read the Daniel Silva books in order of publication, since most the his novels focus on Gabriel Allon, with the exception of a independent novel, and also a couple of books in his second thriller collection about Michael Osbourne.

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New Daniel Silva Book


The Cellist (Gabriel Allon #21) 2021

Here room the Daniel Silva books in appropriate chronological and publication order, including the two collection and the independent novel. The reading order is listed in brackets for each book in a series.

Gabriel Allon books In Order

Michael Osbourne publications in Order

Daniel Silva independent Novels

Should we read the Daniel Silva publications In Order?

I’ve check out pretty much all the publications (except the very very first one, and also Heist, which come out recently and also it’s on mine TBR list), and also I think it’s no a significant requirement. However, if you are choose me, a stickler for reading them in the suitable order for character development, I suggest you carry out the same.

But unlike some other series, if girlfriend do occur to read them out of order, you won’t miss a most the background. However I deserve to predict that as soon as you read any kind of book in the Gabriel Allon series, friend will want to go ago and check out the rest as well. Don’t say i didn’t warning you!

Daniel Silva Biography and Bibliography

Daniel Silva (website) to be born in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan. In ~ the age of seven, he moved with his parents, both teachers, come Merced, California, a city likewise known as the “Gateway to Yosemite.” He i graduated from the California State college in Fresno with a BA, after which he enrolled at the san Francisco State University with a significant in worldwide relations focusing on Russia, and also the Soviet Union.. He didn’t graduate, however, as he acquired a great job sell as a journalist through the United Press international (UPI) in 1984.

His initial place was temporary and also his very first assignment was to covering the democratic National Convention. Soon, however, he acquired an sell to occupational at the UPI complete time. After one year of working there, he gained a deliver to the company’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. He stayed there two much more years, adhering to which he got again reassigned, this time come Cairo in Egypt, wherein he became UPI’s Middle East correspondent. When the left UPI, the went ago to the US and got tasks with Cable News Network, and also later with CNN, wherein he came to be the producer and executive producer of several CNN programs, including Crossfire and Capital Gang.

He began working top top his debut novel in 1994, i m sorry was released in 1997 v the title The unlikely Spy, a independent novel. The book was top top the new York times bestseller list for 5 weeks. The novel is collection in the WWII around the allied intrusion of France. This book collection the tendency for the following spy thrillers the author is so renowned about.

This is once Daniel Silva left his day task to go after a permanent career in writing. His next book, The note of The Assassin started his Michael Osbourne series in 1998. The kill Artist, published in 2000 is the fourth novel through Daniel Silva and the one that provided birth to one of the ideal spy heroes in fiction – Gabriel Allon.

The author is famed in the international intrigue fiction circles and Gabriel Allon is a spy that everyone wants to find out about. Analysis the Daniel Silva publications in ideal chronological order will mostly focus on the facility character of the Israeli an enig agent. The writer has about 20 books, through 19 in the Gabriel Allon series. The recent novel, The new Girl was published in 2019. At part point, in 2007 there to be an market to alternative the rights to Silva’s Gabriel Allon collection by universal Pictures. Nothing came of it together Daniel Silva was not totally happy around the team the would work on the movie.

In 2007, however, MGM Television had actually obtained the civil liberties for the Daniel Allon series based on the books, but at this time we don’t have any kind of news on when they will be adapted. Daniel Silva and also his wife, Jamie Gangel, are claimed to be executive producers. The met his wife in 1987 as soon as he was covering the Iraq-Iran conflict, and she was a CNN special correspondent in Israel in ~ the time.

The very first book I’ve read by Daniel Silva was The death Artist. It is the publication that remained with me ever before since. I’ve read, in the meantime whatever else in both collection and let’s simply say the whenever i think the the spy thriller genre, Gabriel Allon is the first character the pops right into my mind right away.

Who is Gabriel Allon?

Gabriel Allon very first appeared in The kill Artist, the an initial book in the same-name series. That is a indigenous Israeli, what is dubbed a Sabra (a Jewish separation, personal, instance born in Palestine). When Gabriel is Jewish, the is not religious. His first-ever language spoken was German. He is a spy, functioning under the covering of art restorer.

His parental were two Holocaust survivors, and also his mom was always reluctant to talk around her past. His father also survived the Holocaust, however he died later at part point. There is not all that much around him in the Daniel Silva books. Gabriel acquired his name based on his mother’s wish. She believed that return Michael is the highest angel, Gabriel is still the many powerful. He speaks number of languages, including German, English, Italian, and French, every fluently. He also speaks a little bit of Arabic and also Spanish.

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In an interview, the author mentioned the he originally intended to create Gabriel Allon because that a independent novel, not for an entire series spanning so many books. He want the key character come have additionally another next to his spy life, so he made the an arts restorer. His publisher, however, talked him the end of the decision of difficult to one novel only, much to the happiness of the author’s long-time fans. We wouldn’t be wherein we are without Gabriel Allon.