Last to update on July 8, 2020 Daniel Silva is the bestselling writer of the worldwide-loved Gabriel Allon spy thriller series. If you carry out enjoy this genre, Daniel Silva is an writer highly recommended choose up.

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The Gabriel Allon series features Gabriel, a native Israeli, a grasp art restorer and also spy at times. Here room the Daniel Silva publications in order for his popular two series, in addition to the standalone novels he has actually written so far.

New Daniel Silva Books


The Order (Gabriel Allon #20), 2019

Gabriel Allon Series

Michael Osbourne Series

Standalone Daniel Silva Books

Daniel Silva Biography

Daniel Silva was born in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan come Portuguese-American parents. In ~ the age of 7, Daniel relocated with his parental to Merced, California. As both his parents were schoolteachers, with lots of publications on their shelves in ~ home, Daniel had actually plenty of methods to read books from an early age. It was, however, john Steinbeck’s affect that moved Daniel Silva towards becoming an author.

He attended California State college Fresno from whereby he gained his BA in journalism/political science, following which that enrolled at the san Francisco State University, wherein he began a graduate regimen in worldwide relations. However, he didn’t complete as the went to work-related as a reporter at the unified Press global (UPI) after gaining a great job market in 1984.

Initially, his position was temporary, yet after extending the autonomous National Convention, he obtained a irreversible position v the company, complying with which in ~ a year obtained him moved to the Washington, D.C. Headquarters. After just two years, he acquired further advocated and relocated to Cairo in Egypt, together the UPI’s Middle east correspondent. Once returned to the US, he took a job at CNN together a producer and also executive producer for TV political talk shows such as Crossfire, dependable Sources, and Capital Gang.

Some 10 years after he became a journalist, he decided to create a book. In 1994, by next he started working ~ above The i can not qualify Spy , a independent novel which would certainly be released two years later, and also it would overcome the brand-new York times bestseller’s list for five weeks. This was all the press Daniel Silva essential to pursue writing books full time as soon as he left CNN in 1997. After ~ the early book, Daniel Silva created a new book, either part of the Michael Osbourne series or his Gabriel Allon books, practically every year.

The Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon collection is the new York time bestselling author’s most famous work to date with over 20 books released for this reason far. The Gabriel Allon is what the writer calls “international intrigue,” because Gabriel Allon works for the Israeli intelligence Service. Yet, in the publication circles, the is referred to as a spy thriller series.

For his research study for his book, Daniel Silva frequently travels to travel to every the places the book takes his key character as well. Also, he does a the majority of reading including on the topics the his books will cover. An interesting note about his research, the author Daniel Silva also got a private tour that the Moscow ex-KGB headquarters. Generally, in order to create a book a year, Daniel Silva spends about seven months in reality drafting the manuscript and the rest of the five months editing, including the finishing touches, and also reworking what’s essential to make the next book an additional bestseller.

When Daniel Silva created The death Artist, Gabriel Allon was claimed to feature in a independent novel only. The idea of creating this character happened during a dinner through some household friends, of whom one was an art restorer. This provided the writer the idea of producing a quirky character, an arts restorer through day and a spy and assassin by night. The duality developed in this character make the publications appealing because that a more comprehensive range the audience, also for readers who normally don’t review spy thrillers.

When his publisher, Putnam, provided the bestselling writer the idea to create a series out that Gabriel Allon, initially, Daniel Silva was versus the idea since he didn’t believe that the readers would gain a bunch of books on one Israeli spy what v the current anti-Semitism feel in the world. Thankfully, lot to the series’ fans, the writer fleshed the end both the series and the personality of Gabriel Allon, and the rest is history.

The author mentioned in an interview that he would really much prefer to write other books with other characters in them as well, yet the Gabriel Allon fans would certainly be fairly angry in ~ the change, so because that now, Gabriel Allon is alive and well because that many more books come come.

The Daniel Silva books have been sold everywhere the world and also translated into more than 30 languages. The publications are all new York Times and bestsellers approximately the world, being released by Penguin arbitrarily House and also by HarperCollins. In 2017 the rights for a Gabriel Allon TV series have been obtained by MGM Television, with Daniel Silva and also his wife, Jamie Gangel, gift executive producers of the show. In 2018 HarperCollins has got the rights to six an ext Gabriel Allon books starting with The various other Woman, exit the very same year.

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Currently, Daniel Silva lives with his mam whom he met ago in 1988 when both were Middle eastern correspondents, and two children (two twins). For numerous years they stayed in Washington, D.C., but recently the household moved to Florida wherein they clock the s every day.

Praise for Daniel Silva Books

A tense, thrilling adventure…. With Silva’s novels you uncover yourself gift educated as well as being entertained…. Silva is that rarity the rarities, a writer whose stories simply keep getting better. (Huffington Post)

Outstanding…. Readers will eagerly await the following installment in this deeply fulfilling series. (Publishers Weekly)

Accomplished…elegantly written…a compelling piece of fiction, one that manages to it is in both remarkable entertainment and also a tough look at serious issues. (The Washington Post)

The plot is rich, multilayered and compelling with issues as timely as the everyday headlines and also problems together old as humankind…Silva maintains tension and also suspense. (The Denver Post)

Riveting…. Silva’s writing has lost none of that elegance. He gives readers v just enough real-world geopolitics to make sense of his narrative, and his depictions of the different styles of the world’s diverse intelligence services is fascinating as always. (Kirkus Reviews)

Those in the recognize are calling that the new John Le Carré. Those that are reading him can’t placed him down. (Chicago-Sun Times)

Allon is Israel’s Jack Bauer (USA Today)


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