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GettyQuentin Tarantino and Daniela Tarantino attends the screening the "Once upon A Time In Hollywood" throughout the 72nd annual Cannes movie Festival on may 21, 2019 in Cannes, France.

Daniella Pick, who plays the function of Daphna Ben-Cobo in the hotly anticipated movie “Once ~ above a Time … in Hollywood,” is married come the film’s director, Quentin Tarantino.

Pick stars alongside large Hollywood names choose Austin Butler, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dakota Fanning, and Al Pacino, amongst others. According to the description, the film complies with a faded television actor rick Dalton (DiCaprio) and also his stunt double Cliff Booth (Pitt) together they shot to achieve fame in the film industry in 1969 Los Angeles.

The film will certainly be obtainable in theatres roughly the United says on July 26, 2019. Daniella is incredibly proud of her husband’s work.

The 36-year-old Israeli singer and also model met the famed filmmaker at a movie premiere in 2009 and also started a relationship. After separating up in 2012, the 2 eventually found their way back to each various other in 2016. The two celebrated their engagement in 2017 and married in 2018.

Here’s what you must know:

1. Choose is an Israeli version

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תודה רבה לפנאי פלוס, לליאת לוי-קופלמן האהובה, הבוסית עם הסטייל הכי מהמם שיש. ליוני בינרט, לסוכנת האלופה שלי אלינור שחר, עמית חן, רותם לבל, אסף באבו, בועז עוזרי, אלין זידקוב כהן, יפעת אירני, פקטורי 54, גיל נויהאוס ולכל מי שמפרגן בלב ❤️❤️ מלכת השיק 2019. איזה כבוד! ❣️

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According to IMDB, Daniella choose was born on November 21, 1983 in Ramat Ha-Sharon, Israel, come Svika Pick and also Mirit Shem-Or. Daniella also has a sister, Sharona Pick.

According to her Instagram bio, pick is a singer and also a model. Her web page is filled through glamour shots, magazine covers, red carpet appearances, and more. Daniella’s family shows up sparingly, however, always accompanied through a sweet message.