Popular background Channel present American Pickers has conquered the network for the previous decade (wow!), but are that stars Mike Wolfe and also Danielle Colby more than just great friends? v Danielle's many recent divorce, fans are wondering if friendship may have actually turned to marriage. 

Danielle has been a clip of the show since its inception, and also she has actually known Mike since before American Pickers was offered to the network. He assisted her the end on an individual projects throughout his beforehand YouTube days and later request if she would host the ft at his antique shop soon after the show was choose up.

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In October of 2020, the pair commemorated their friend-iversary and also shared a pic on Instagram v the sweet caption, "Time flies! perform you understand and also have been pickin' partners in crime for 25 years!" 

This long-tenured friendship doesn't seem come be coming to an end anytime soon, yet has the blossomed into more? that looks favor that is not the case.

Before the display even aired, daniel was married come Englishman Robert Strong. Danielle and also Robert share 2 children. In fact, Danielle's children were the motivation for numerous of her tattoos. Danielle has actually acknowledged that the success the the present negatively influenced her an initial marriage, yet it certainly didn't deter her from pursuing love again!

Danielle to be then married to French artist Alexandre De Meyer. They were married in 2015 and reportedly separation in 2018. Danielle has actually not been vocal around the reasons for their divorce, but rest assured, she's doing fine! In fact, daniel now appears to be involved to photographer and artist Jeremy Scheuch!

Mike, on the various other hand, has been married only once, come a woman called Jodi Faeth. Jodi and also Mike met in 1994 and also started dating quickly thereafter. They eventually tied the knot ago in 2012 and also share a daughter called Charlie. In July that 2021, TMZ reported that Jodi had actually filed for divorce from Mike. The has due to the fact that been attached to other motorcycle enthusiast Leticia Cline.

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While Mike and Danielle can not it is in romantically involved, their powerful friendship has absolutely withstood the test of time. Girlfriend can catch up on episodes of American Pickers top top Hulu.

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