Jake T. Austin pulled the end all the stop for longtime girlfriend Danielle Ceaser this week for a day at Disneyland.

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The two, who have actually been together for end a year, spent the whole day at the amusement park in California.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” Danielle shared v this sweet pic of the two on she Instagram, in front of sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Jake added later on with among his favourite Princesses, eye White: “Prince Charming ~ above Deck haha…Always a blast


Danielle Ceasar jumps right into boyfriend Jake T. Austin‘s arms in celebration event of international Kissing work in this new shot indigenous Instagram.

Jake, 21, shared an additional sweet photo on his very own Instagram for the celebratory day.

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“Happy #internationalkissingday,” he simply captioned. Danielle added, “Happy #nationalkissingday…my love.”

Jake and Danielle‘s relationship came to light in January this year, after ~ connecting ~ above Twitter and meeting in ~ a fan event in 2011.

Jake T. Austin has shared a cute new photo that his girlfriend Danielle Ceasar!

If you remember, the 21-year-old previous Fosters star met her through social media ~ she to be a pan of his for years.

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It looks prefer the couple traveled to las Vegas together!

Jake posted a couple new photos on Instagram.

“Bon appetit #WHHSH,” the captioned the dinner one v Danielle and friends.

He also shared a warm shirtless one, i m sorry you can see below!

Jake T. Austin and also longtime fan Danielle Ceasar are together, Jake confirms come People.

The 21-year-old previous Wizards of Waverly Place gibbs told the mag that in spite of the fact Danielle, 22, is a fan and also the couple met top top Twitter, they space dating.

“We’re young and having fun just gaining to understand each other,” Jake said. “It doesn’t matter how you meet someone � ~ above set, in a coffee shop, at school or in the business. Sometimes you affix with world at the right moment and also you simply click.”

Earlier in the day, CaptialFM released screenshot of Danielle and also Jake’s Twitter conversations and photos the what shows up to it is in the 2 at a meet and greet in 2011.

Jake T. Austin is providing fangirls anywhere hope!

The 21-year-old actor is at this time dating his longtime fan, Danielle Ceasar, who first started tweeting at him back in 2009.

PHOTOS: check out the latest pics that Jake T. Austin

Jake shared a photo of them kissing and the web went crazy!

Now pan of One Direction, Justin Bieber, and other young stars are holding out hope that they’ll gain the girlfriend condition too.

Check out some of the funnier reactions below!

Can someone put me in contact with Jake t Austin's fangirl girlfriend I must know how she did it

— Cortney Erin (
wait therefore Jake T Austin is dating a fan of his, however yet I'm delusional for reasoning I have the slightest possible chance with Grayson… okkk

— ang the egg (
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Jake T. Austin not only has actually a girlfriend, yet it looks like he’s date his fan of six years!

The 21-year-old former Fosters star post an Instagram picture of himself kissing Danielle Ceasar, 22.

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“I’m crazy because that her,” that captioned it, with a love emoji. Examine it the end below!

According to screen shots common by Capital FM, Danielle started tweeting Jake earlier in 2009! They later met in ~ a fan signing in 2012 together she ongoing to gush about him on social media.

Fast forward four years, and also they are locking lips in steamy bedroom selfies!

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