REALITY tv star danielle Colby is well-known for her function on American Pickers.

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American Pickers very first premiered top top the background network, in January 2010.


Colby garnered nationwide recognition once she was hired onto American PickersCredit: Instagram

What is daniel Colby's network worth indigenous American Pickers?

Colby has made the majority of her earnings through dancing, modeling and her role on American Pickers. 

According to Celebrity network Worth, Colby’s net worth is $1.5million.

Colby dropped in love with burlesque dancing once she checked out a present in Chicago v her family. 

Colby released Burlesque Le’Moustache, her very own burlesque tour, consisted of of ripe dancers greatly performing around the Midwest.

Since 2014, Colby has actually owned a burlesque academy named Dannie Diesel’s bump ‘n’ Grind Academy in Chicago. 

Colby garnered nationwide recognition when she was hired ~ above American Pickers to carry a fresher energy to antiquing.


Colby is heavily-tatted throughout she bodyCredit: Instagram

What sort of tattoos does daniel Colby have?

Colby is heavily-tatted throughout she body.

She has a bunch that tattoos on she arms that encompass flowers, a compass and an owl, follow to Distractify.

She has actually a small tattoo that a mrs sailor and a male on one arm and also the other has actually a couple of portraits, consisting of a side profile of an Indian woman. 

Colby has actually leopard clues that spread out onto she chest, a purple floral design roughly her neck and a blue tattoo throughout the rest of her chest.

One of her hands shows up to have actually a “MOM” tattoo and the other has a black and also grey rose.

Her knuckles check out “Hold Fast,” while she fingers have actually a set of numbers.

On Colby’s backside near her neck, she has what appears to be violin feet while she stomach is spanned in various patterns and also styles the are challenging to identify. 


'I go a thing!' Colby created on InstagramCredit: Instagram

Who is danielle Colby involved to?

Colby was first married come Chad Cushman and also had two youngsters with him, Miles and Memphis.

Colby quietly got divorced from her second husband, Alexandre De Meyer, top top June 5, 2015.

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She is involved to Jeremy Scheuch, who describes himself as a “semi-retired artist living in Puerto Rico via Chicago and Kansas City,” follow to his website.

The engagement was announced in December 2020, as soon as Colby posted on Instagram: "I did a thing! After virtually 6 long years, I ultimately made an moral man the end of mine king
jscheuch feel complimentary to head over to Patreon and also watch the proposal video for yourself, I actually proposed come him ~ above my birthday while we were filming my birthday burlesque show! 

“I placed a cute little clip increase on Patreon because that everybody to check out for free. Come memory our ridiculous stupid outrageous over the optimal love through us feel complimentary to leave a nice small message of support or if friend have any kind of questions, I’ll execute my finest to answer them on mine Patreon. Long live love f**k whatever else.”


Travis' daughter Alabama slammed for 'awkwardly' to dance in front of dad