Teen rapper Bhad Bhabie (born daniel Bregoli) became famous after showing up on a Dr. Phil Show episode. She and her mommy were guests on an episode title "I desire to give Up mine Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter who Tried to structure Me because that a Crime." In the segment, Bhad Bhabie dubbed her mom "crazy," "overbearing," and "controlling," while she insisted the "ain"t nobody walking to catch me" throughout her wild acts of rebellion. Of course, she viral catchphrase indigenous the episode became, "Cash me outside, how about that?"

Eventually, Bhad Bhabie parlayed she fame into a lab career. In 2017, her an initial single "These Heaux" peaked in ~ No. 77 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 graph and, according to the BBC News, she became the youngest woman artist come land a debut single on the chart at age 14. ~ that, Bhad Bhabie secured a multi-album record resolve Atlantic records in September 2017, according to Billboard.

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But on march 19, 2021, Bhad Bhabie post a video clip to YouTube come let her fans understand that she Dr. Phil appearance also allegedly compelled her into an abusive experience.

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In march 2021, rapper Bhad Bhabie post a since-deleted 8-minute video to YouTube, titled "Breaking code Silence — Turn around Ranch abuse Dr. Phil." In the video, she talked around how after ~ her famous Dr. Phil appearance, upon host Phil McGraw"s recommendation, she was taken to Turn-About Ranch in Utah without she consent (her mother and grandmother allegedly knew). At the camp, Bhad Bhabie stated she competent abuse, such together making her continue to be awake in a teepee for 3 days.

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Bhad Bhabie is speaking out as part of the Breaking code Silence movement, i beg your pardon is dispersing awareness around abuse and mistreatment at this Utah camp and also other comparable ones. One more Dr. Phil guest, Hannah Archuleta sued Turn-About in February 2021, according to Page Six, alleging that she was sexually attacked at the camp and punished because that reporting the incident. (Newsweek got to out come Turn-About Ranch and McGraw"s reps because that comment, but there wasn"t an immediate response.)

So, that"s why Bhad Bhabie request an apology from Dr. Phil in she YouTube video. She said, "Dr. Phil, i am walking to offer you from now until April 5 to problem an apology, not just to me, however to Hannah or any type of other boy you sent out to Turn-About or any kind of other program prefer this, and also if girlfriend don"t I"m walk to take care of things mine way." Dr. Phil hadn"t addressed the video clip and allegations at the moment of publication.