Pfingst said a nationally famous forensic dentist established Danielle"s continues to be through dentist records.

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SAN DIEGO, California ( -- A clinical examiner shown Thursday that a body uncovered in the desert close to San Diego is the of danielle van Dam, the 7-year-old girl who was reported missing February 2.

Dental documents were supplied to positively determine the remains, mountain Diego County ar Attorney Paul Pfingst said.

He said reporters at a news conference that because of the progressed state that decomposition of the body, the clinical examiner had not however been maybe to recognize a cause of death.

San Diego Police cook David Bejarano ceded the news come the girl"s parents, Damon and also Brenda valve Dam, who stay in seclusion.


Authorities in California say they believe they have uncovered the body of 7-year-old daniel Van Dam, who has actually been missing for much more than 3 weeks (February 28)
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Pfingst thanked volunteers that aided the search for Danielle. He dubbed their job-related "extraordinarily helpful."

"It has been just one of the most extraordinary points I have seen in my year in law enforcement," he said. "Looking because that the proverbial needle in a haystack, and by gosh, the searchers discovered it."

Police have charged a neighbor, David Westerfield, through murder and kidnapping in the girl"s disappearance. In a court appearance Wednesday, Westerfield, 50, pleaded no guilty to those charges and to a fee of possession of kid pornography.

Pfingst was asked even if it is tests had presented the girl had actually been struck before her death, but declined to answer.

Investigators say the body discovered had a necklace like the one daniel was attract the night she disappeared.

"I"m no going come speculate around that in the absence of evidence. It wouldn"t be fair to the family and it would just be hypotheticals and also guesswork," that said. "This is a sad day for a lot of people, and also I don"t desire to engender speculation that would probably make it even sadder."

Danielle"s human body was discovered Wednesday in a far spot 25 miles eastern of mountain Diego. It was discovered about 25 come 30 feet native a two-lane road close to a lake by a search group that has been working through the family due to the fact that Danielle disappeared from she suburban mountain Diego home.

Pfingst stated finding her stays would aid him prosecute she alleged killer.

"Obviously, the an ext evidence one has, the far better off a instance is," the said.

San Diego police Lt. Jim Duncan earlier said investigators were going over the crime scene, near the city that El Cajon, "with a fine-toothed comb" feather for any kind of evidence that can be attached to the lacking girl. He said the state that decomposition shown that the body was dumped shortly after the disappearance and that it had actually not been covered or concealed in any type of way.

A police photographer in ~ the crime scene

Cadaver dogs to be on the scene, he said, searching for any component of the continues to be that could have been separated indigenous the body during a long stay in the open, and also evidence collectors were acquisition plaster casts of tires tracks in the area. Later in the day, photographers planned to take aerial photographs of the crime scene.

Soon ~ the body was found, authorities said it matched the girl"s description and that it had actually a plastic necklace comparable to one daniel was attract on the night she disappeared and also an earring equivalent one belonging to the girl.

Danielle to be last seen February 1 once her father placed her to bed about 10 p.m. She to be discovered missing at 9 the following morning.

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Westerfield, a self-employed engineer and also twice-divorced dad of 2 grown children, was arrested Friday after ~ authorities said searches of his home and two seized vehicles turned increase DNA matches v the girl"s blood. Police additionally said they uncovered other DNA evidence on an post of Danielle"s garments in she bedroom.