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FOXBORO -- couple of teams in the NFL can boast the sort of success the the Patriots have actually had with undrafted players throughout Bill Belichick"s tenure together head coach.

David Andrews, Malcolm Butler, Brandon King, James Develin, mock Kline, LeGarrette Blount and Danny Amendola have actually all play significant roles in recent Patriots winning seasons -- and those are simply the football player on the roster as it right now stands.

In the hours following the finish of this year"s draft, the Patriots added brand-new list that undrafted totally free agents to their rookie class. Through the really nature that their route to pro football, it will be one uphill climb for any kind of of lock to do the Patriots 53-man roster. But judging by the track record that Belichick and his coaching staff have compiled through players that never saw their surname scroll throughout the bottom that a TV display on draft day, it would certainly come together no surprised if one or two made some sort of impact in 2016. 

Here"s a rapid look in ~ the ripe undrafted football player the team has actually signed therefore far, follow to NEPatriotsDraft.com. 

V"Angelo Bentley, CB, IllinoisAt 5-foot-10, 190 pounds, Bentley doesn"t own prototypical NFL dimension for a protective back, but he to be a abundant tackler in college and also he hold the difference as the just player in school background to score ~ above a punting return, absent return, interception return and also fumble return. 

Devonta Burns, CB, Texas A&MAccording come the Aggies website, Burns (6-feet, 211 pounds) played in 12 gamings last season and also made 13 tackles. In ~ his agree day the ran a 4.5-second 40-yard dash and also jumped 33 inch in the vertical. 

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DJ Foster, RB/WR, Arizona StateA college teammate that Patriots seventh-round pick Devin Lucien, the 5-10, 193-pounder was the just FBS player to enter last season v 1,500 job yards rushing and also receiving. He perfect his career at Arizona State through 666 total touches for 4,813 yards and also 32 touchdowns. The ran a 4.47-second 40-yard dash at his pro day and had one of top three-cone times amongst receivers in ~ the combine (6.75 seconds). 

Woodrow Hamilton, DT, Ole MissHelped by a solid agree day workout, which was attended by area reconnaissance Brandon Yeargan, Hamilton to be projected by some as worthy the a late-round draft pick. At 6-5, 312 pounds, he taped a 4.8-second quick shuttle, a 26.5-inch upright leap, and also he did 29 reps ~ above the 225-pound bench press. 

CJ Johnson, LB, Ole MissWith a varied playing background as both a protective end and also a middle linebacker in the SEC, it"s no shock the 6-1, 234-pounder landed in new England. Though plagued by knee and ankle injuries in his career, Johnson was consistently abundant whenever he was on the field. In ~ linebacker, despite absent a month come a take it meniscus, the made 43 tackles and two picks. 

Jonathan Jones, CB, AuburnA four-year starter because that the Tigers, Jones racked up 125 tackles and also seven choose in his career. He was named a second-team All-SEC honoree together a junior, and also he popped in ~ the incorporate with a 4.33-second 40-yard dash -- the fastest among all corners in ~ the combine. Despite his size (5-9, 186 pounds) may limit that to play in the slot together a pro, he has the athleticism to match up v NFL receivers. 

Cre’Von LeBlanc, CB, Florida AtlanticHe"s not the faster (4.65-second 40-yard dash) or the tallest (5-9), however LeBlanc is a strong corner who tips the scales at 194 pounds and also plays with great aggression. He additionally has great quickness and an capacity to adjust direction there is no slowing down, which he exhibited with a 6.91-second three-cone drill at the combine. 

Steven Scheu, TE, Vanderbilt​Sort of a "tweener at tight end, Scheu might not have actually the dimension to be a pure impede tight end as a pro, and he didn"t play together a true "move" tight finish at Vanderbilt. The 6-5, 250-pounder to be an AP All-SEC choice in 2014, and also he was a semifinalist because that the Campbell Trophy (also known as the "Academic Heisman"). 

De’Runnya Wilson, WR, Mississippi StateAt 6-5, 224 pounds, Wilson has actually the dimension to present any type of corner v a mismatch. He"s maybe to wall off defenders through his frame, and he has actually the concentration and also the hands to make challenged grabs. Tho relatively brand-new to the sport -- the was named Alabama"s Mr. Basketball and also only play football together a an elderly in high institution -- he has actually improved every season he"s to be on the field. That was abundant in the SEC critical year, making 60 catches and also scoring 10 touchdowns on his method to second-team all SEC honors. Despite he"s a good athlete -- he actually played basketball at Mississippi State for one season -- his speed might limit the in the NFL. He ran a 4.85-second 40-yard dash at the combine.