For MTV, it makes for an excellent entertainment—country girl meets Boston young on The genuine World: Austin. The two fall in love on the show, go on to contend in difficulties (and have actually yet to win one), then gain divorced. Now, they"re earlier together. Well, top top TV in ~ least. Melinda Stolp, 29 was nervous once she was available an opportunity to be on this season of Battle of the seasons 2, because it involved living through her ex-husband, Danny Jamieson. So we obtained all the details come tell you to gain ready for tonight"s huge show.

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"The actual World was always something I wanted to do," Melinda claimed of her original season from 2005. "I was in a rut, in a negative relationship, and I needed something."

That relationship ended when going on the show, because of the distance, and because that Danny. "My advice currently for anyone walking on The real World, don"t be v somebody," she said. "Your totality life changes!"

For a girl who grew up in Wilconsin, Milwaukee, things definitely changed in Austin. So, walk she feel the same way when it concerns going into a challenge with a far-ranging other?

"I hated doing challenges when Danny and I to be together," she said. "We"d get angry, and also it would certainly cause an ext problems. Danny would get really angry." Oh, friend don"t say...

However, once things didn"t work-related out through Danny, Melinda relocated on and is now in a brand-new relationship. "Before the show started, Danny and also I talked, and agreed we might do this. We made an commitment it wouldn"t be awkward." However, for all of us who have seen the trailer because that the new season, we do see an Austin castmate asking Melinda "how could you divorce this kid?" Awkward!

Melinda, who has been ~ above a complete of four challenges, says now she is happy v where her life is. In a significant relationship, she"s learned so much during her time ~ above MTV about life, love, and about herself. Return she"s in a relationship now, she claimed that once it pertains to dating, it"s a strange experience.

"When I accomplish someone, ns think ns prefer as soon as they don"t understand who i am and have never seen the show," Melinda said. "This way, castle don"t have actually preconcieved notions about me! girlfriend know, top top The actual World, i was 21. I"m 29 now, a completely different person."

Although some personalities might seem to acquire turned about on camera, Melinda described that MTV walk a great job of showing what"s significant and what"s real. "If you"re being a jerk, you"re gift a jerk. MTV couldn"t write that in."

Speaking the jerks, Melinda"s castmate indigenous Austin, Wes Bergmann is additionally on she team this season. End the years, Wes hasn"t gained the ideal reputation and is well-known for being no such a nice guy. "Wes is choose my brother!" she explained, difficult up for him. "I love him. I haven"t been on a an obstacle with him due to the fact that Fresh Meat, and also it"s like no time has actually passed. I really love the kid." She has additionally stayed in touch with other castmates from she 2005 adventure. "Johanna is my finest friend! ns love her, we absolutely keep in touch!"

So, now that she"s ago home indigenous the show, Melinda has actually gone ago to her every job life —working together a dentist hygenist (yes, she cleans teeth).

"I love what ns do!" she said of her career that she"s been working at for eight years. "I wouldn"t adjust it. World don"t think it as soon as I tell them that. I had actually a patient that came in and was choose "I can"t believe the girl from The real World cleans mine teeth!" It was so cute!"

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She"s likewise looking forward to the future. We know what you"re thinking. Is there more challenges to come?

"I guess it depends," she said. "It relies on if it"s the right time. 6 weeks is a long time to it is in away. Yet I"ve never been maybe to execute an live independence challenge. I"ve constantly been top top teams, and I"m over the team thing!"

This season, you can record Melinda ~ above "Team Austin" v her "brother" Wes (who has actually been on seven challenges and won one), her ex-husband Danny (who has been on six challenges), and Lacey, that is a rookie!

Although she"s lived with several of these world before, Melinda provided us a small hint that although she has actually a at sight goofy personality, us may get to check out her more... Agressive side this season. "If friend mess with someone I really care about . . ."

Well, we"ll simply let girlfriend watch! Don"t miss out on the 90-minute season premiere of Battle the the periods 2 tonight in ~ 10 pm EST ~ above MTV.