Former boy star Danny Bonaduce has been frank about the highs and lows in his job and an individual life, at times detailing his backstage antics ~ above The Partridge Family.

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Fans have undoubtedly already heard around how he lost his virginity to one of David Cassidy’s groupies or his smoking habit as a kid. Bonaduce had close relationships through his co-stars which consisted of Cassidy, Shirley Jones, Dave Madden, and Susan Dey, yet he periodically tried your patience.

In one instance, they provided Bonaduce some tough love in a way he never saw coming.



Danny Bonaduce the ‘The Partridge Family’, circa 1970 | Silver display screen Collection/Archive Photos/Getty Images

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‘The Partridge Family’ family set Bonaduce straight

Most the Bonaduce’s castmates knew his home life wasn’t the best, and also they worried and cared for him. However, they took exemption to few of his actions.

“Once, as soon as he was obtaining too big for his boots, we all ganged increase on him and also convinced Susan to pour a pitcher that milk end his head, simply to put him in his place,” Jones wrote. “That incident found its method into a subsequent episode the The Partridge Family, in which we did specifically the very same to David because that the similar reason,” she added.

Cassidy likewise shared the story in his book and listed Bonaduce was gaining “too snotty and out that hand.” The off-script milk moment wasn’t captured on camera, yet Bonaduce as soon as talked around it in an interview v the C’mon, acquire Happy blog.

He said, “I think i was screwing up mine lines a lot and being one a*s. The reality of the issue is that ns was an extremely ill-mannered young man and also she just got worn down of it.”

Bonaduce stayed close through some actors members

Though Dey relocated on with her life after The Partridge Family was canceled, other castmates retained in touch. Cassidy was particularly fond of Bonaduce. After Cassidy’s death, Bonaduce obtained a call from Shaun Cassidy informing him his former co-star constantly thought of him together their other brother.

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“David want nothing however the finest for me,” Bonaduce called King 5 TV station. “I do things an overwhelming for him come be sort to me,” he said. He added that together adults, the actor stayed on peak of him around his troublemaker behavior and offered him a job. He is been functioning steadily ever before since.