It"s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia has actually one that the ideal casts ~ above television, but the present actually released without its best star.

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The long-running present — which to be renewed with season eighteen in December of 2020 and also has broken records together the longest to run live-action television series in background — tells the frequently deranged story of Paddy"s Pub, a downtrodden and also seriously unsuccessful bar in Philadelphia, and its proprietors, whose japes and schemes are constantly walk awry. Twins Dee and Dennis Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson and Glenn Howerton), Ronald "Mac" mc donalds (Rob McElhenney), and Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) start the display running this plainly awful bar, and it seems difficult that Danny DeVito — who plays Dee and Dennis" dad Frank — wasn"t with the present from the an extremely beginning.

However, DeVito, who was currently a lover fixture top top the huge and small screen by the point, didn"t actually join the series until its 2nd season. Here"s the genuine reason why Danny DeVito join the cast of It"s always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The truth is the this small show the could, which shot its first season top top a shoestring budget, faced cancellation in its early days in ~ FX... And ultimately, DeVito saved it. In one interview v late night hold Stephen Colbert in February 2020, McElhenney revealed the the network basically ordered them to let the star join, even though McElhenney was against it at the outset.

"He didn"t come on till the second season," McElhenney explained. "The an initial year, us made seven episodes and they aired the present on Wednesday nights approximately 10:30 top top FX, which to be a brand-new channel in ~ the time. They had no various other comedies, no other lead-ins. We got a speak to the next day after the first airing <...> and also the president of the network, man Landgraf, said, "nobody watched the show.""

Because FX didn"t have much that a marketing budget plan but wanted the present to survive, castle suggested including DeVito, a large name star that was friendly with Landgraf. "We said no," McElhenney recalled. "I said no give thanks to you. We don"t desire Danny DeVito. <...> It"s nothing personal against Danny DeVito. I thrived up watching Danny; he"s a legend, he"s incredibly funny and we love him. We assumed we had something yes, really special, and also we really thought that probably bringing a movie star ~ above would damage the chemistry. And also was like, "okay, well, then we"re going come cancel the show." and I said, "Get me Danny DeVito! As conveniently as possible!""

"The just thing much more important 보다 chemistry ~ above a TV show... Is the TV show," McElHenney joked. Clearly, DeVito has actually fit in perfectly over the course of It"s constantly Sunny — and apparently, he saved the present entirely.

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The upcoming fifteenth season the It"s always Sunny in Philadelphia will certainly air at some time in 2021, and also the very first fourteen periods are streaming on Hulu now.