Danny DeVito Limoncello

When it concerns spirits donate by celebrities, we typically have pretty short expectations. Good spirits don’t often come out of vanity providers that rely on the notoriety that the celebrity, an ext than what’s in the bottle, to sell. It’s a lot like bacon vodka – people will certainly buy it since of the notoriety and also be really forgiving around the high quality (or absence thereof). Good brand marketing and also interesting bottles sell (just look at Dan Aykroyd’s crystal Head Vodka, i beg your pardon pushes both celebrity brand and also bottle architecture to sell).

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Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello original is a notable exemption to the basic mediocrity that this category. There’s no doubt the Danny DeVito is making use of his star strength to relocate this spirit, however in this case it’s clearly more about what’s in the bottle than the celebrity signature top top the former of it.

One that the things we yes, really love about Danny DeVito’s Limoncello is the fact that it isn’t vodka or tequila. Many celebrities put out commodities in categories which are currently flooded. There really aren’t a ton that limoncellos ~ above the industry in the US, despite the fact that it’s a very popular Italian drink. Also, DeVito’s Limoncello is actually made in Italy (Sorrento) native Sorrento lemons.

Bottled in ~ 60 proof, Danny DiVito’s Limoncello has actually a bright sweet lemon sleep that smells prefer a freshly cut lemon. The shade is pale cloudy yellow and also looks like lemon juice. The taste is thick and syrupy (in a great way) with really sweet lemon and also sugar notes. There’s simply the slightest little bit of heat yet it conveniently dissipates and the complete is long and sweet.

Enjoyed straight (or over a little ice), this limoncello makes a perfect, refreshing and also tasty dessert spirit. Due to the fact that you don’t gain a ton of warmth from the alcohol, and also it’s therefore deliciously sweet, it can be very easy because that the effects of this heart to sneak up on you.

Scratch and Sniff Limoncello Bottle

While the tall sleek bottle is pretty unassuming, there is one amusing element to it: the lemon logo on the prior of the party is a scratch-and-sniff that smells prefer lemons. It’s a cute touch.

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Initially we raised our eyebrows once we heard about Dany DeVito’s Limoncello, however we feel, also without his name on the bottle, this affable liqueur would market well top top its own. In ~ $25 a bottle, it’s an extremely tasty and enjoyable treat.