Before Gen Zers went bonkers for BTS, or millennials melted down over Backstreet Boys, there was New youngsters on the Block (NKOTB). For practically a decade, the boy band—comprised of 5 unknown children from the Boston area: Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and also brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight—defined the pop society zeitgeist. Their second album, Hangin’ Tough, walk eight-times platinum and also cranked out five top ten hits. You’d it is in hard-pressed to discover a teenage girl in the at an early stage ’90s who didn’t have a favorite member.

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But after ~ breaking records for record, concert, and merch sales, the team disbanded to make way for the grunge era. In 2008, KNOTB do the efforts to stage a comeback v a new album, The Block. They to be honored with a star top top the Hollywood walk of call in 2014, then invested the adhering to years performing top top throwback tours with other artists of their era (Paula Abdul, Boyz II Men, Debbie Gibson, mischievous by Nature, etc…)

Even despite they are now decidedly past their prime, we can’t aid but wonder what they’re as much as these days. Let’s take it a look at whereby the members of brand-new Kids on the Block are today.

Donnie Wahlberg


It’s no wonder Donnie Wahlberg was hand-picked as the initial member the NKOTB. His talent is the actual deal and also it’s offer him well, lengthy after the pop music-era of his life.

Wahlberg, 51, had took pleasure in a successful acting career due to the fact that 1996. On the huge screen, he’s appeared in Ransom (directed by Ron Howard), The 6th Sense, and three installments the the fear film series Saw.

On television, Wahlberg scored duties on the acclaimed miniseries Band that Brothers and NBC’s Boomtown. Currently, he’s set to appear on his eleventh season the the CBS police-themed drama Blue Bloods. Wahlberg, that plays Detective Danny Fitzgerald, stars together Tom Selleck and Bridget Moynihan.

Crime is supposedly a fascinating subject for Wahlberg. Once he’s no filming Blue Bloods, he’s the organize of HLN’s Very Scary People. The show, i beg your pardon debuted its second season in July, details the resides of history’s most infamous criminals.

The former boy-band negative boy-turned major actor additionally has a happy side. Native 2014-2019, he starred in Wahlburgers—a truth show around the burger chain he owns with brothers Mark and Paul. The unscripted series ran because that 10 seasons and also earned two Emmy nominations.

It additionally launched a spin-off. Adhering to Wahlberg’s 2014 marriage to Jenny McCarthy, A&E aired three seasons of Donnie Loves Jenny, i beg your pardon chronicled their resides as newlyweds. These days they’ve switched come a podcast format, v Wahlberg co-hosting The Jenny McCarthy Show to happen the time throughout quarantine.

Jonathan Knight


The oldest member that NKOTB was likewise the an initial to leave. In 1994, Jonathan items exited the team in the middle of a tourism for your album Face the Music. When the tape tried to do damage control by informing the public that he to be out through an injury, lock announced an official split weeks later.

Since then, Knight has kept a an extremely low profile. In a 2000 interview v People, he revealed that the pressures of fame had actually sent him end the edge.

“Sometimes, back then, it gained real scary,” that said. The admits the being a teen idol was “more funny than unfun,” but “I had actually lots of stress attacks. Those assaults had a large impact on my identify to leaving the to chat industry.”

Knight retreated to a rural area in Massachusetts, wherein he discovered a new life as a actual estate developer.

However, in 2011, he discovered himself back in the spotlight—this time to clarify rumors around his sex-related orientation. Former teen popular music star Tiffany had “revealed” that Knight was happy in a TV interview, surprising some fans.

In a post on the band’s main website, he wrote, “I have actually never been outed by anyone yet myself. Ns did so almost 20 years ago. I never knew that i would have to do it anywhere again publicly just due to the fact that I reunited with NKOTB! I have lived my life an extremely openly and have never hidden the truth that ns am gay. Apparently the prerequisite to gift a happy public number is to show up on the covering of a magazine with the caption, ‘I am gay’.

“I love life my life gift open and honest, but at this time I select not to discuss my personal life any type of further! My fellow band members don’t discuss their personal lives v their loved ones and I don’t feel that just since I am gay, ns should have actually to talk about mine!”

In 2015, Knight and his partner of 12 years, Harley Rodriguez, participated in the 26th season of The remarkable Race. The pair finished in 9th place. Four years later, if on holiday in Africa, knight proposed to him.

“That’s the funny thing, with two males it’s constantly hard,” he said in a 2016 figure on The Jenny McCarthy Show. “Like who proposes? that asks? and I think the was our problem. I’ve been waiting for him come ask, he’s most likely been waiting for me to ask.”

These work the pair lives on a seven-acre estate in Essex, Massachusetts. Article chronicled that is restorations because that an HGTV pilot, Farmhouse Fixer.

Jordan Knight


Jordan Knight do various initiatives to stay in show biz adhering to the disbanding of new Kids top top the Block. In 1999, he released a solo career, and also in 2004, he joined the actors of VH1’s The Surreal Life.

His critical musical project was in 2014, when he teamed up with the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter because that the collaborative album Nick & Knight.

These days Knight seems to it is in living just like the remainder of us in the COVID era. V NKOTB reunion mirrors cancelled or on hold, he’s to be laying low at house with his wife, Evelyn Melendez, and also two sons (Dante, 21, and also Eric, 13).

“These are simply bizarre times the we’re living in ideal now,” he said in a may 2020 interview with Boston magazine. Knight confessed that he passes the moment by binging on Netflix (his mam turned the on to Grace and Frankie), indulging in ice cream cream, and also playing board gamings with the family.

Knight also spends time maintaining tabs ~ above Italian eatery Novara, in i m sorry he’s an investor.

“People space struggling, he said. “Luckily, a many restaurants have acquired loans from the federal government to assist them keep afloat, however it’s yes, really tough.”

Danny Wood


Donny Wood endured a collection of personal setbacks complying with NKOTB’s original split. In a 2018 interview through ET, he revealed the his mother death from breast cancer in 1999 made him feel that his human being was “crumbling around” him.

The grief flood over into his marriage to then-wife Patricia Alfaro, v whom he common two daughters.

“It had actually a huge impact on mine life due to the fact that I didn’t accept it for a lengthy time,” claimed Wood. “ was so significant in mine life that I just didn’t accept it. In between me and also my ex-wife, the was the for me and other concerns for her, ending our marriage.”

“There was always this basic pain there that i hadn’t yes, really addressed since I was simply trying to gain through life, day to day. It probably wasn’t till I did obtain divorced and also really was on my very own with the kids, who finished up spending most of your time with me, that I finally was may be to start realizing the reasons why she happen away…”

Wood developed a nonprofit called Remember Betty in his mother’s honor. Funds the are elevated are offered to aid cover whatever from clinical bills, rent, groceries, and even car repairs to ensure patients have the right to attend treatment.

His sisters Bethany, that is likewise a great cancer survivor, serves together the manager of the organization. Together of 2015, and also largely due to the help of “Blockheads”, the structure had elevated $1.5 million.

While wood awaits post-COVID-19 plans because that NKOTB, he’s enjoy it his time as a new grandfather. Climbed Elizabeth lumber was born on august 14, 2019—Wood happily mutual the news of her arrival on society media.

Joey McIntyre


Joey McIntyre, the infant of NKOTB, has regulated to maintain a busy career since the group split. He’s released 7 solo albums since 1998, the critical being the 2011 holiday record, Come residence For Christmas.

But his enlarge success has actually been top top stage. In 2001, McIntyre make his skilled theater debut in the off-Broadway manufacturing of Jonathan Larson’s tick, tick…BOOM! (fellow ’80s teen idol, Molly Ringwald, co-starred). Three years later, he made his Broadway debut in Wicked, playing the command Fiyero. He also starred in the movie adaptation that Tony n’Tina’s Wedding that exact same year v Mila Kunis.

McIntyre has also made appearances on many TV shows, including Psych, The McCarthys, and Fuller House.

Most recently, in 2019, he returned to Broadway through the function of Dr. Pomatter in the Sara Bareilles music Waitress.

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On compare performing v NKOTB to phase acting, he says in a 2019 interview, “It’s apples and oranges, but still fruit. The brand-new Kids get to be absent stars. Our very first hit to be “Please Don’t go Girl,” and I acquired to song lead top top that. I’ve been singing the for 30 years now. I make it a moment in our show; it’s special, and also there’s history, and it’s a an excellent song. And afterwards, world are every like, “You need to do Broadway!” I connect the means I attach regardless the the arena.”

Beyond his recent career accomplishments, McIntyre has actually been married come Barrett Williams because 2003. The couple has 3 children: Griffin, Rhys, and also Kira.