open minded Micelotta/FOX sporting activities https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/37/4b/spence-garcia-1252020-fox-ftr_1jnney8gcvkt517w7neqsx81kn.jpg?t=947237062&w=500&quality=80

Any questions about whether a dreadful 2019 auto crash would affect Errol Spence Jr."s return to the ring were answered emphatically Saturday night. The champion kept his IBF and WBC title by thoroughly dominating former champion Danny Garcia in ~ AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas. 

"The minute is surreal," stated Spence after successfully defending his titles. "Coming earlier from the accident, i feel choose I looked pretty great tonight. All training camp i felt good. Ns told world I didn"t want a tune-up fight. I verified to everyone the I"m the finest 147-pound fighter in the world."

Although the judges" scores to be 117-111, 116-112 and also 116-112, they can have been broader considering just just how sharp Spence looked. He worked behind a an effective jab to save Garcia on his earlier foot and also unable to land the counterpunches that sought. There to be no signs of ring rust even though Spence hadn"t competed since a hard-fought decision end Shawn Porter in September 2019. Instead, the looked tremendous as the pressured Garcia from the opened bell and never permitted the philly fighter to gain into a rhythm.

From the outset, Spence worked the jab to the head and body while Garcia"s absence of punch calculation was evident. Return they landed the same amount of strength punches at 103, it was the 30-year-old landing a chuck 84 jabs to Garcia"s 14 that came to be the true difference-maker in the 12-round championship affair. 

With an assault that to be devoid of utilizing the jab, Garcia (36-3) tried rather to collection traps and also wait for Spence to do a mistake. Regrettably for Garcia, the Texas product go no such thing, and Spence made the look easy against one that the ideal welterweights in the world. 

Spence enhances to 27-0 through the win, and also the conversation now turns to which opponent will be next for the champ. Obviously, the boxing world has inquiry a marriage fight through Terence Crawford, but with Crawford still a peak Rank fighter, there are potential hurdles to the bout following next. Spence is quiet interested in WBA champion Manny Pacquiao, yet nobody is fairly sure what the living legend will execute next. And then there is Shawn Porter, who shed a narrow decision to Spence and could it is in in line for a rematch.

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Here"s exactly how it every went down.

Errol Spence Jr. Vs. Danny Garcia updates, results

Decision: Errol Spence Jr. Def. Danny Garcia via unanimous decision. Scores to be 117-111, 116-112 and 116-112. SN score the hit 119-109 for Spence.

Round 12 (12:33 a.m.): Spence rolls right in and smacks him through a best hook. Spence proceeds to walk him down. Combine landing behind the jab. Garcia v no answers. Spence might be in the lead however he’s not going to take it the ring off. Tho energized and also putting together an tremendous performance. The champ will certainly retain. 10-9, Spence (119-109, Spence)

Round 11 (12:29 a.m.): Spence goes back to applying pressure to start the round and also lands a left hand ~ above the inside. Garcia lands come the body through a ideal hand. Spence bounces back with a combination. Spence never puts himself out of position once he throws. He is defensively responsible and uses the jab prefer a pole. Garcia is simply being outboxed. 10-9, Spence (109-100, Spence)

Round 10 (12:25 a.m.): Garcia lands a couple of body shots to open the 10th. Spence might be acquisition a round off. Hard right hand through Garcia lands. He should have done this earlier in the fight. Spence measures in and lands a mix but there’s lastly a round the Danny Garcia has earned. 10-9, Garcia (99-91, Spence)

Round 9 (12:21 a.m.): The Spence jab is a great disruptor. Anytime Garcia thinks about doing something, that eats a jab and also causes him come stall. It’s impressive. This kind of domination is noteworthy. Danny Garcia is far from a bum but he has done for sure nothing against Spence. 10-9 Spence (90-81, Spence)

Round 8 (12:17 a.m.): Spence pins Garcia’s back versus the ropes and pounds far to the head and body. Garcia trying to find the home run and also he can’t discover it. Spence is breaking Garcia under with press now. Garcia has done naught to make Spence reconsider his approach. This is domination. 10-9, Spence (80-72, Spence)

Round 7 (12:13 a.m.):  The 7th starts with both chucking leather on the inside. Garcia appears to have actually a feeling of urgency. However whatever Garcia does, Errol doubles increase on. Working him over in the corner. A clash of heads in the 7th. Prompt swelling top top Spence’s head. Garcia opens up late yet nothing of substance. 10-9 Spence (70-63 Spence)

Round 6 (12:08 a.m.): Garcia opens up the sixth with a hard body shot. Spence loading increase on the inside and also cracks Garcia’s ribs. It needs to be said that Garcia has been very an excellent defensively. He’s simply not busy enough. The jabs are having their impact on Garcia’s left eye. Spence pond him come the body. Spence soil a counter left. Every Spence after ~ six. 10-9, Spence (60-54, Spence)

Round 5 (12:04 a.m.): Hard left hand by Spence lands. Garcia soil a left come the body, Spence responds v a combination. A pair of body shots follow. Garcia is having a an excellent round. Spence cracks Garcia v a left hand. Garcia picked up the pace but Spence was just too liven to offer up the round. 10-9, Spence (50-45, Spence)

Round 4 (12:01 a.m.): Spence proceeds to push Garcia v the jab and also Garcia is simply too comfortable allowing Spence to relocate in ~ above him.Spence whacks Garcia v a pair that jabs. Garcia no do much to respond. He is just getting outworked. 10-9, Spence (40-36, Spence) 

Round 3 (11:57 p.m.): Garcia fires a combination to start the round. Records gloves but might be a sign of him opened up. Difficult left hook by Spence lands and moves Garcia. Spence is proceeding to job-related the body. Start to open up up with much more combinations. Left hand through Spence lands. 10-9, Spence (30-27, Spence)

Round 2 (11:54 p.m.): Spence proceeding to jab his method in when Garcia is make the efforts to figure it out. Hard left hand through Spence. Garcia requirements to wake up up. Spence soil a tough right hand however Garcia counters v a right that captures him off balance. However Spence’s task earns him an additional round. 10-9, Spence (20-18, Spence)

Round 1 (11:49 p.m.): Spence attack early. Jabbing come the head and body. Spence is the an ext active of the 2 while Garcia is picking his spots. Spence functioning the body well. Spence just far too energetic for Garcia. Garcia is trying to time him yet it’s not working yet. 10-9, Spence

11:40 p.m.: Danny Garcia top to the ring to Jay-Z"s "Public service Announcement" when Spence enters with Tee Grizzley"s "Mr. Officer" backing him. 

11:24 p.m.: It"s to be a breeze tonight v not a single fight ~ above the PPV walk the distance. Main occasion is increase next. Will certainly Spence-Garcia do it come the final bell?

11:09 p.m.: Well, the was quick. Fundora rocked Ahmed in the first and it was just a matter of time before the fight would certainly end. A entirely dominant performance that experienced Fundora clobber Ahmed with a bevy the punches in the 2nd round to cause the stoppage. Fundora is walking to be a trouble in this division. 

11:00 p.m.: The co-main occasion is up next. Unbeaten, 6-6 Sebastian Fundora encounters Habib Ahmed following in junior middleweight action. Yes, he"s 6-6 and fights in ~ 154 pounds. That"s insanity. Let"s see exactly how he looks. 

10:40 p.m.: another knockdown by Lopez and it"s clear that Santana is done. But, for everything reason, his edge decides come send him out for the final round. This is how fighters get permanent damage. One of two people the referee or the edge needs to action in since Santana isn"t going come quit. One more knockdown in the tenth round and Santana gets back up. Why isn"t the referee or the edge stopping this? A trio of best hooks soil on Santana"s head and also it"s mercifully halted. The was too much.

10:30 p.m.: Well, the fight is quiet going however it"s one-way traffic. Lopez has been pressuring Santana with hefty body shots and simply outworking his opponent. Although Santana is quiet in the fight, he"s to be getting functioned over for seven rounds. Have the right to he execute something to readjust the fight? most likely not. 

10:07 p.m.: together expected, Lopez and Santana go to war. Lopez drew very first blood by dropping Santana in the opening frame and also appeared to have actually his enemy dead to rights. But Santana wobbled Lopez late to traction himself back into the fight. This will be fun. 

10:01 p.m.: following up is a 10 ring welterweight showdown in between Josesito Lopez and also Francisco Santana. There"s never been a fight that Lopez didn"t prefer so this need to be fun. Whether or no it go the distance is another question entirely. We"re going come say that it won"t. 

9:41 p.m.: We"re kicking off the Spence-Garcia PPV v a Miguel Flores vs. Eduardo Ramirez in a WBA people Featherweight location eliminator. Some intend this to be the ideal fight that the night yet it"s been every Ramirez. And just as that is said, Ramirez flattens Flores in the 5th round v a ideal hook counter. Flores it s okay to his feet however he is finished and the referee rescues that from additional damage. Exceptional performance native Ramirez. 

Spence vs. Garcia undercard

The undercard began at 7 p.m. ET and also was televised ~ above Fox sporting activities 2. The prelim fights consisted of the following matchups: Burley Brooks vs. Marco Delgado, Vito Mielnicki Jr. Vs. Steven Pulluaim and Isaac Avelar vs. Sakaria Lukas.

Spence vs. Garcia start time

Date: Saturday, Dec. 5Main card start time: 9 p.m. ET​ Location: at & t Stadium

Errol Spence Jr."s return to the ring was scheduled because that Saturday night at the Dallas Cowboys" at & t Stadium. He to be to satisfy Danny Garcia sometime roughly midnight ET, depending upon the speed of previously fights top top the card.

Spence has not contended in an ext than a year since of a 2019 auto crash the caused damaged bones. Garcia last fought in January, as soon as he defeated Ivan Redkach through unanimous decision.

Spence"s last appearance was a win against Shawn Porter; Garcia"s critical loss come at the hand of Porter.

How to clock Spence vs. Garcia

TV channel:  Fox Sports PBC​ Live stream: Fox sports appPPV price: $74.99

Fox has actually full control of broadcasting civil liberties for Errol Spence Jr. Vs. Danny Garcia in the U.S. The network is make the main card obtainable for acquisition on TV and also via digital streaming.

Most TV cable packages will have the Fox sporting activities PBC pay-per-view channel, while most smart tools will lug the Fox Sports app for streaming purposes.

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Spence vs. Garcia fight card

Errol Spence Jr. Vs. Danny Garcia, 12 rounds for Spence"s IBF and WBC welterweight titlesSebastian Fundora vs. Jorge Cota, 12 rounds; junior middleweightsJulio Ceja vs. Eduardo Ramirez, 12 rounds; featherweightsJosesito Lopez vs. Francisco Santana, 10 rounds; welterweightsMiguel Flores vs. Isaac Avelar, 10 rounds; junior lightweightsFernando Garcia vs. Juan Tapia, eight rounds; featherweightsFrank martin vs. Tyrone Luckey, eight rounds; lightweightsVito Mielnicki Jr. Vs. Steven Pulluaim, six rounds; welterweightsBurley Brooks vs. Marco Delgado, six rounds; super middleweights

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