For the collection finale that "Scientology and the Aftermath," Leah Remini satellite down with two the Danny Masterson"s rape accusers, that spoke the end for the very first time publicly in an in-depth interview around the actor and also their life in the Church.

For the series finale that Scientology and also the Aftermath, Leah Remini sat down v two the Danny Masterson’s rape accusers, that spoke the end for the first time publicly in an detailed interview about the actor and their life in the Church.

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The the ’70s Showactor has challenged accusations that rape indigenous multiple women and also iscurrently gift suedby four women who say he and the Church that Scientology stalked and intimidated lock after castle filed reports versus the actor.

Chrissie Bixler, that dated Masterson for six years, stated that in December 2001 the couple went out for drinks, and as she gained up to leaving the restaurant, she blacked out. She recalled waking up the following morning with bruising on her head and also feeling “like i was poisoned.” as soon as she asked Masterson what had actually happened, she states he laughed and told her he had had sex v her the night before. “I said, ‘Was i unconscious?’ and he said, ‘Yeah,"” she remembered.

Bixler stated she reported the rape come a Scientology principles officer and also was told that couldn’t be rape because they to be in a consensual relationship. The officer intimidated that she would be charged v “suppressive acts and high crimes” and kicked the end of the Church if she saw thepolice.

“My job as his girlfriend to be to offer myself to him whenever the wanted,” she said. “I could not say no. I had to lay there and take it.” Masterson to be the one who carried her right into Scientology as soon as they started dating, she said, which led to her being cut off from she family, friends and also job together a working model.

Mastersonwas fired from the Netflix series The Ranch and also dropped through UTA in 2017 ~ the LAPD confirmed it was investigating sexual assault allegations versus him indigenous multiple women. In ~ the time, he refuse the allegations and asserted that the sexual encounters to be consensual. 4 women have due to the fact that filed a lawsuit versus him and Scientology alleging stalking and a conspiracy come cover increase the alleged assaults.(Masterson has actually denied any kind of wrongdoing.)


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Bobette Riales, a 2nd accuser and also ex-girlfriend of the actor’s, likewise spoke come Remini during the special and said she chose to come forward after seeing the bullying Bixler was dealing with online.

“I couldn’t be quiet and also stand by and allow someone that ns know specifically how she’s feeling, due to the fact that she actually mutual her story a tiny bit to me, to a point where ns was instantly like, ‘There’s no way in hell friend would understand that, that’s my story, that’s mine life,” Riales said. “So ns spoke, and also it was the appropriate thing to do.”

She continued, “You type of attend to this guilt. If I had been louder if i hadn’t to be so fear of what would have happened. Have to I have actually made a larger fuss, should I have told an ext people what was going on, asked an ext questions? and I didn’t. Possibly I could’ve safeguarded them, and also I didn’t, therefore that’s hard.”

The two-hour live special, i beg your pardon aired Monday, to be filmed in prior of a live studio audience of previous Scientology membersand served as the finishing to the Emmy-winning A&E docuseries after three seasons. Remini, in addition to fellow Scientology defector Mike Rinder, revealed the she had actually been working on the Masterson story for an ext than two years, recording one of Bixler’s interviews because that the show in April 2017.

Outside of the focus on the actor, the finale likewise highlightedtestimonials alleging that Scientology policies have actually hindered members from reporting instances of sex-related assault and physical violence come the authorities. Numerous ex-Scientologists sat with Remini and told stories of gift sexually abused together children, spanning up deaths, suffering harmful treatment practices and also being trained to lie come those outside of the Church. Apanel of legal, psychological and also law-enforcement professionals weighed in top top the stories, mentioning the results of trauma and also life in the Church.

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“When we very first started out the Aftermath series, we wanted to provide a communication to those that wanted come tell you what’s taken place to them, their pain,” Remini stated in the finale. “It’s because of girlfriend that us were may be to perform that for three seasons, and you provided victims a voice and platform to it is in heard. Friend cared, and we give thanks to you.”

“Our fight is no over, and I expect you are just as enraged together I am,” she included in the show’s final minutes. “Our fight needs to go past the restraints the network television. Remainder assured, Scientology, that this is no the end, this is simply the beginning.”

When speaking freshly to The Hollywood Reporter about the collection coming to an end, Remini said, “We’re exposing for this reason much, however we should do some other things to lug the fight come a various level.The work’s not done — even if it is it’s through A&E or an additional outlet, we’re no going to protect against working.”

She also included of Masterson’s accusers, “The victims were concerned and felt hurt and also betrayed by , and I recognize that. They likewise feel hurt and betrayed by the district Attorney. I want to open up up the totality thing. If that was any kind of other organization however Scientology, the D.A. Would certainly at least be investigating. I’ve heard nothing.”

The Church the Scientology has challenged the credibility and also statements the the contributors showing up in the series.


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