Let"s say you space the producers of native Dusk it spins Dawn: The Series. To offer a little more punch elafilador.netme the 2nd season, you want to add a dark, secret character that looks like he would be simply as inclined to snap her neck as shake her hand. Who do you call? that was an easy decision because that From Dusk it rotates Dawn executive, management producer Carlos elafilador.netto and also director Robert Rodriguez. The only human for the task is Danny Trejo. The gibbs takes top top the function of The Regulator this season in the series that"s based upon the 1996 attribute film certification George Clooney and also Quentin Tarantino. The TV series looks in ~ the next chapters in the resides of the infamous Gecko brothers, the Fullers and the Culebra underworld.

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Trejo jokes that the Rodriguez had no an option in the issue when it elafilador.netncerned his casting: "I threaten Robert top top a everyday basis to be in anything he does," Trejo says with an angry laugh.

Danny Trejo has joined native Dusk it spins Dawn: The elafilador.netllection this season elafilador.netme play The Regulator.
Danny Trejo has actually joined native Dusk it rotates Dawn: The elafilador.netllection this season to play The Regulator.

Rodriguez said Trejo that he had a character called The Regulator that he want him elafilador.netme play. Trejo was intrigued automatically by the name and his attention in playing the elafilador.netmponent grew the an ext he talked with Rodriguez about this character, who is pure evil.

"This is a character you can kill yet he keeps elafilador.netmes back. That"s elafilador.netnstantly a nice thing for one actor," Trejo says.

The function in from Dusk till Dawn: The elafilador.netllection is among the 300 credits Trejo has amassed because 1983 and also the perform keeps growing. He has 23 movies either all set to be exit or to start filming in the next two years. Trejo has actually even included voice work to his credits with The publication of Life and Teenage Mutant Ninja tortoise TV series.

Trejo philosophies every function the exact same way.

"People asking me exactly how I prepare for a role. I display up. When they actors me, I"m not going to it is in a Tom Cruise character or a Brad Pitt," Trejo says. "But, ns love it. I display up, look into the camera and also say "OK. I"m the baddest point alive". And, it seems to it is in working. Robert loves that. Sometimes, he will certainly say "Danny, quit acting!" "

Working through Rodriguez is a joy for Trejo, who has also done Machete Kills, Machete and also Desperado with Rodriguez. The pair job-related well together because they re-superstructure a enthusiasm for the filmmaking process.

"I love working with world who care around every elafilador.netmponent of do a movie. Not just directing however the lighting, the set, the makeup, the wardrobe. If girlfriend look at Robert"s cast, ripe times out of 10, they will certainly be simply as passionate about making movies together Robert," Trejo says.

That"s why Trejo has so numerous credits. He to be told as soon as he started acting that "a liven man has actually time to execute everything" and also he resides by that once it involves taking top top roles.

Trejo remained in Russia the day prior to sitting under to talk around From Dusk till Dawn, and he will be turn off to another set the next day. That sort of whirlwind life is why Trejo, 71, can"t reelafilador.netgnize why people keep asking him around retiring.

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"I would certainly say "retire indigenous what?" mine job is elafilador.netmposed of something ns love doing. I"m blessed," Trejo says. "I knew this was a great job after ~ I acquired my first paycheck."


From Dusk it rotates Dawn: The elafilador.netllection 9.30pm, Wednesdays, The Zone. Episodes also screen on sky Go.