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Warning: this entry includes spoilers for HBO fantasy collection Game that Thrones and also book series A tune of Ice and also Fire.


"Dany type of Forgot around the iron Fleet" describes a memorable quote stated by HBO-produced fantasy series Game the Thrones writer David Benioff in the comment for episode "The last of the Starks". Following the premiere the the episode, the quote was extensively mocked and used to highlight the diminished quality that the writing in the late seasons of the series.


On might 5th, 2019, episode four "The critical of the Starks" the season eight the HBO-produced fantasy series Game the Thrones premiered.<1> In the commentary because that the episode,<2> one of the series writers David Benioff comment on the scene in i m sorry a fleet of adversary ships manages to sneak up on 2 dragons and shoot down among them v a projectile indigenous a far-ranging distance.

While Dany type of forgot about the stole Fleet and Euron"s forces, they definitely haven"t forgotten about her, and they are just waiting for her to come back.


On may 6th, Redditor FireFissting post a screenshot that the quote title in a Mocking Spongebob manner come /r/freefolk subreddit, v the article receiving end 9,900 rise in four days (shown below).<3>


On might 6th, YouTube user Cian Gaffney uploaded a video highlighting number of scenes in i beg your pardon Daenerys Targaryen was associated in dialogue about the risk of the steel Fleet.<4> The clip finished with a Curb her Enthusiasm theme meme. The video gained over 652,000 views in four days.

In the adhering to days, multiple short articles mocking the quote were posted online, mainly in /r/freefolk subreddit.

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External References

<1> Wikipedia – The last of the Starks

<2> YouTube – game of Thrones | Season 8 illustration 4 | within the Episode

<3> Reddit – if daNY type oF FORgOT about tHe stole FLEeT

<4> YouTube – Dany forgot around the steel Fleet

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game the thronesdavid benioffbenioff and also weisswriteriron fleetdaenerys targaryendanyquotekinda forgotgotwritingsubverted expectationson might 6thredditor firefissting posted a screenshot of the quote titled in a mocking spongebob manner to /r/freefolk subredditwith the write-up receiving end 9900 upvotes in 4 days (shown below).<3>firefissting

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